Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Confession: I love naptime

It's hard to even type that title because it immediately makes me feel like a horrible Mom.  I should look forward to ever second I spend with my kid, right?  Want to sit on the floor for hours playing with toys, have unlimited patience, and never, ever, wish I was doing something else.  I don't think any parent like that but just thinking about how much I can enjoy Luke's naptime makes me feel horrible.  Mom guilt: it's a real thing.

Don't get me wrong, even on our worst day in the past two years, I've never wished or wanted to be at work instead of being with Luke.  Thinking about how much time I used to spend cooped up inside, in front of a computer, working on things I probably don't remember how to do anymore...yeah...even a toddler tantrum is pleasant.  Plus, getting to be outside with Luke in the  PERFECT spring weather we had last week....

Yep, beats a desk and larger paycheck any day.

And I have to admit I am really looking forward to these days again:

I'm 100% sure I enjoyed the baby pool more than Luke did.  Maybe this summer I can convince him to spend more time out there.  Reading with my feet in the water while Luke splashed and played?  Yep.  Stay at home parenting at it's finest. 

So, never, ever, do I wish I was working more.  BUT...remember how exciting lunch and recess was in grade school?  Or lunch in high school?  Or lunch break when working?  (Matt and I used to compare...crazy how much of the day I spent thinking about food when working.)  Yeah...that's kinda how I feel about naptime these days.

It's not that I don't love spending time with Luke.  I really do.  He's talking so much, plays pretty well, is developing his imagination.  He can be a really funny kid or at least just really fun.  He uses this special higher pitched voice when talking to animals or babies.  Like "Hi birdie!  Hi!" and then "Hold it.  I want hold it.".  When I type that I hear his little voice which obviously doesn't work unless you've heard it.  But it's very different from his normal voice.

Anyways, he's a really fun kid but that doesn't mean we don't need a break from each other!  If you've ever been around a young kid who missed their regular nap you probably get it.  Kids need that.  Sometimes I might need it more. 

It's usually as soon as I suggest a diaper change or lunch (which he knows is right before nap) he all of a sudden has 100 things he wants to do, he wants to play with every toy RIGHT THEN.  Everything is his favorite possession ever.  He never wants to go to bed.  But then I get him changed and fed.  Get him upstairs and we sit in talk for about 10 minutes.  Luke tells me all about his day/week/life and tries to get me to stay as soon as possible.  But once I do leave his room he'll be calling "Bye Mommy! Night night Mommy!" down the stairs until I can't hear him any longer.  It's adorable.

And I take a big sigh of relief.  I eat my lunch in peace and quiet.  I read on the porch.  I work on craft/decorating projects while watching Grey's Anatomy.  I work on this blog or photobooks.  I do online window shopping.  I catch up on picture tagging, e-mails, and blogs.  It's a lovely, quiet, peaceful time.  It's like my work lunch break but LONGER.  Luke's usually in bed about two hours by the time he plays a little and then naps.  But, you know, you can never count on a certain amount of time because that's when he'll take a 45 minute nap and be ready to get back up in less than an hour.  Those are usually the days I have the most planned to do while he's asleep.  C'est la vie.

By the time nap time is over I feel refreshed, Luke is in a much better mood, and we are ready to hang out the rest of the afternoon until Daddy is home.  It's wonderful.  It's why I'm pretty strict on getting and keeping nap times.  Luke and I both need him to nap.  It's not necessarily my favorite time of the day (depends on the day) but I do treasure my little quiet time in the middle of every day.  And I honestly feel like a better Mom for it. 

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