Thursday, April 2, 2015

Looking back at March

Busy month where our baby turned two and winter turned into spring (mostly).

1) Luke & Daddy sharing a "treat" after a Sunday naptime.  I think it was just frozen lemonade but Luke loved it.
2) Being silly at Great-Grandpa's house.  I remember playing with those same stacking cups during bubble baths at their house!
3) My little cutie pie first thing in the morning.  What is it about footie pjs that make kids so adorable?
4) Playing the "ano" at Grandma & Grandpa's house.  He LOVES when he gets to do this and talks about it daily.
5) Pretty snow right before it all melted, before it snowed again.
6) Picking out fabric at Jo-Anns and Luke always helps measure.  I'm not sure what that measurement is good for but he asks for his tape measure as soon as we get there.
7) Watching some indoor version of tennis at an inground park with some cousins.  They were hoping to get a loose ball.
8) Getting his first ride on Grandpa's tractor.  It's "fast. cool.".
9) Reading on the porch with the windows open - first (and so far, only) time this year!
10) Early spring bike rides means riding past icy ponds and piles of snow in parking lots.  Just seems weird that it's warm enough to bike but there is still evidence of winter all over!
11) GORGEOUS sunset in our backyard one night.  I had been putting Luke to bed, maybe fell asleep a little, and when I opened my eyes I could tell by the glow through his curtains that something amazing was happening outside.  It was one of the best I've seen from here.
12) The porch is where it's at, according to Luke.  He plays music on the window cranks.
13) A little bit of spring, a little bit of winter.
14) Poor guy got hit with a stomach bug right before his birthday.  This was minutes after getting sick and he still had a big smile.  I can't say the same for myself when I got the bug the next day!
15) Sick kid + big (almost) 2 year old = first family movie night.  The Lego Movie.  Luke actually watched the whole thing!
16) Selfies with Mom on his birthday.  He kept holding out the camera for selfies.  Who taught my kid that??

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