Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Things I Like - April

After a little Lenten spending freeze I've been doing a lot of shopping this month.  Also, a lot of returning.  Turns out it's easier to pick out things I like from the internet than it is to like them in person.  I'm no stranger to returning things to Target and Old Navy.  Like, I'm surprised if I go to either of those stores and don't have something to take back with me.  Here are a few things I've actually kept and/or borrowed from the library.  Aren't libraries the best??
1) Old Navy Floral Scarf
I can't find this on their website anymore but have seen multiple at both our local stores (both of which I've been to in the last 10 days...RETURNING things).  I think this scarf is super pretty and love how colorful it is.  That means it'll go with a lot of outfits, primarily blue & green because those are most of my colored shirts, but still, lots of options!  I can't actually wear it yet because I bought it to possibly return and rebuy when I get my credit card rewards back (from doing so many returns) when my billing cycle closes.  This is not the first time I've done something like this.  BUT...when I can wear it I'll be excited about it.

2) Flamingo iPhone case
Matt got me (aka I picked out and he ordered) a flamingo iPhone case for a birthday a few years ago but then Apple had to go change their design and it no longer worked when I went from a 4 to a 5S (Apple also needs to never again change their cord plug-ins because I don't want to have to keep replacing those either.)  In the interest of simplifying, when I got my 5S over a year ago I just bought a single case and had used that one since.  It was getting worn and probably gross and I decided one new phone case a year wasn't extravagant.  I found this cute one on Amazon and Matt got it for me for Easter.  It's more rubbery than my last case and I think it's super cute.  I know, flamingos aren't for everyone but I'm pretty happy with this for $9.  And Luke loves seeing my flamingos and has given them hugs more than once.  He's been in a very huggy mood lately (which I love).

3) Better Than Before

I don't know if it's because Luke is becoming more and more independent or if I just got used to fast reading when I was on crutches but I've read a lot of books this year (on #44 at the moment).  This isn't a bad thing.  Reading has long been one of my favorite hobbies.  When I was homeschooled I'd hide library books under extra towels in the bathroom and then spend an hour in there reading.  It probably looked like I had some serious issues going on but really, I just would rather read than do school work.  Sorry, Mom.

Anyways, I read and enjoyed both The Happiness Project and Happier at Home by the same author.  I know self-help books get a bad rap but I love figuring myself out, why I do things and all that.  This one was about habits (obviously) and how different people approach them.  I found it fascinating.  It helped me understand myself a little better, really watch what habits creep into my life, and even understand other people better.  It wasn't too in depth but very comfortable and informative reading.

4) NYC Hamptons' Peach
I know I talk a lot about simplifying but there are certain areas of my life that I'm not that great at it myself.  I counted 20 bottles of nail polish the other day, 9 of them some shade of blue.  I like options.  This one is my current favorite.  It's a perfect peach for spring and summer.  I painted my nails almost two weeks ago and they need redone pretty bad but for the first time, maybe ever, I plan to paint them the exact same color.  That's pretty big.  AND it's not even a blue (although I think my toes are going to get navy soon).  It's a nice little treat to have painted nails, even while changing diapers and doing yard work. 

5) The Royal We
See the aformentioned 43 books read this year.  I've read a lot and this is one of my favorites so far.  It's a fictionalized story of a normal American girl who went to college and fell in love with an English prince.  If you followed the Royal Wedding at all (4 years ago today!) the cover alone makes it obvious who the story is based on but it's not just a retelling of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.  There are a lot of similarities (she's a commoner, has a close sister, he has a younger brother, they met at college, etc.) but it's not their story.  I have a slight fascination with the royals (got up at 4:30am, on my first day off in 4 months, to watch the Royal Wedding and I still think that was a pretty great day) so I really enjoyed this whole book, fiction or not. I would definitely reread it again and probably enjoy it at least as much the next time. 

My ideal naptime - good book, sun tea, sunshine, sleeping kid.  Also, my nails are the Hampton's Peach above, before they got super chipped.

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