Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Homemade Eye Make-Up Remover

I am fastidious on washing my face every night but not always the best about specifically removing eye make-up.  My general plan in the past has just been to clean up whatever gave me racoon eyes after washing the rest of my face.  This is probably already more than you ever wanted to know about my face washing rituals.  I'm sorry.

I knew I could DIY something cheaper than buying special eye makeup remover and if I can DIY something, there are better chances of it happening.  Like with dry shampoo.  Wouldn't buy it but if I can make for cheap I will.  It's not so much the money savings either, I just like the satisfaction of making these things myself. 

You may notice that the ingredients are identical to what I use for my homemade wipes.  That makes this super convenient to top off my bottle whenever I am refilling the liquid for those.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover
-about 1/4 warm (from the tap) water
-1 squirt of baby shampoo (this is the exact same bottle we use for Luke's baths)
-a few drops of baby oil
-a bottle of some sort to put it in (I used an old travel toiletry bottle I had and cleaned.)

Mix all ingredients and pour into a bottle.  I use morning and night.  It works fantastic and only takes about a minute to mix up.  I cut my cotton balls in half since one whole is too big for this little job.

Slightly modified from A Traveling Wife

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