Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why not add another gallery wall?

I've mentioned before but we have a few gallery walls in our house.  Like an easy 3 depending on how you count, maybe more.

Over the buffet:

In my office:

In Matt's office:

I'm kinda a fan.  We've framed and displayed a lot of our own vacation pictures and some other art, some homemade and some bought (mostly from Etsy).

So, when I needed (wanted) a new decorating project, finding somewhere for a new gallery wall would be obvious.  This has been another one of those lovely projects that has drug on for about 6 months.  Good with the planning, not so much with the execution.

We had this lake canvas hanging in the upstairs landing for about 4 years.  It's one of my favorite pictures I've taken but wasn't filling the wall enough, in my opinion.   That meant prime location for a new gallery wall.

I started accumulating free printables and little art projects, looking for items I just liked because.

arrangement 1
Most of our gallery walls consist of framed pictures and nothing else.  I've seen a lot of great ones on blogs and Pinterest that have other elements added in and I wanted to try that.  I decided I wanted an anchor to add to the wall which presented a problem because I had a hard time finding one the right size.  I've been on this nautical kick lately and maybe I'll regret it come winter but for now, I wanted an anchor.  After searching multiple stores (Target, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Jo-Ann, TJ Maxx, Homegoods), I finally found one the right size on a repeat trip to Jo-Ann.  It was $6 on sale which was super exciting because I was hours away from giving up and ordering one off Etsy for $15.

I did a little backyard spray painting the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and left these lovelies to set for a few days:

Then everything was ready for a final layout and paper guides.

Matt asked why he was being asked to do nails again after I did the Command strips on the buffett wall earlier this year.  I did like the Command strips but they get pricey ($10/pack) and we had nails on hand.  Plus, I don't anticipate changing the arrangement here often and can easily switch up the pictures in the frame for a new look.

I messed with the guides a little and they hung a few days before I got Matt to help make more holes in the wall.  The D and anchor were both just hung with ticky-tack, no nails.  They both lasted a week and then the anchor fell.  I got Matt to pull the staples from the original rope out of the back and hung it back up with a Command Strip.  So far so good.  And the D is holding strong after more than 2 weeks with ticky-tack (fingers crossed).   

I like that this one isn't just photos but incorporating some other "art" and decorative items.  It's nice to change it up and have something different around here! The two green items aren't as jarring in person but it's always hard to get the color just right on the computer screen!  They are similar shades to what we have in our bedroom (slowly, as I add things) so it helps tie it all together.

I think I am out of places for gallery walls for now!  Time to focus my decorating energy somewhere else.  I already have a project in mind for the lake canvas that came down from this spot...and recently decided that I might just have to make a (working) roman shade to replace a broken blind in our bedroom....a little bit dreading that on!

Source list:

-Indiana art - I made with scrapbook paper
-circle mirror - Hobby Lobby (bought on sale)
-all frames - IKEA
-letter D - Jo-Ann
-wooden anchor - Jo-Ann
-custom family printable - A Typical English Home
-"Keep it Simple" bike printable - The 36th Avenue

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