Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Five: a little nautical for your 4th

I've long been a fan of things tropical - palm trees, flamingos, hibicus flowers, etc.  The last few years though I've seemed to have transitioned from a more Southern Califnoria/Hawaiian thing into more of an East Coast nautical thing (although I'm still a fan of flamingos...which I've mentioned here more than once!).  I don't know why, I've only been to the East Coast, New England region a few times and even then it's been decades (unless New York City counts...does it?  I don't think so, New York is it's own place.)

If it was up to me to decorate the family lake cottage (with unlimited funds) or if we had our own summer place (again, with unlimited decorating funds) these are some of the things I would put in it.  No fishing stuff, lots of white, navy, whales, and anchors (the whales make NO sense for our lake, I mean it's a lake in Indiana, but just go with it.  We also don't own an anchor although one of our old jet skis DID have one.  It never worked too well though.) It's my birthday month and I love pretty much anything blue!

Lobster pillow
Whale figurine (I do actually own this, thanks, Matt!)
Blue lattice tray
Anchor bookends 
Blue bowl

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