Friday, September 25, 2015

Books Luke Likes - 2 1/2 years

I'm a huge fan of the library.  This summer there was more than one week we went 4 times.  In the 5 days they were open.  I read a lot of books, I get books for Luke, we check out movies, Luke and I both did the summer reading program.  We can rent digital movies, books, and magazines through the library and (legally) download songs to keep.  The library is awesome.

I try out a lot of books with Luke and he's developed a few favorites.  Like ones we've had for 8 weeks in a row and read at least 50 times (looking at you, Diggers).  A few of these went on vacation with us and a few we've actually made the step to buying (I really have a thing for buying books, when I can get them cheap enough and I already know I like them).  And one of these is a treasured classic from my childhood which is now one of Luke's favorites.  I LOVE that.

1) Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?
I've mentioned this before but Luke LOVES it enough that I couldn't do a list of his favorite books and leave it out.  None of us know all the trucks in order but ALL three of us can recite most of them once we see the picture.  It goes through a bunch of different kinds of trucks and about where they sleep at night (that's kinda obvious from the title, I suppose).  It includes things like brushing teeth, singing songs, picking up toys, and rocking with Mom.  All things a lot of kids probably do before bed.  I show a library copy above but we actually do own it...Luke just doesn't know that yet.  Thinking it's going to be a potty training reward.  Also, postponing having to read it every. single. day.

2) Daniel's Day at the Beach
Luke doesn't watch a lot of tv.  He knows DT (he figured out our code for it) is a weekend treat or lake treat or "we are on vacation and don't want to get up yet but you can lay in our bed and watch some DT" treat.  During the week Luke mostly has to settle for Daniel Tiger books.  For those without toddlers, Daniel Tiger is a spin-off from Mister Roger's Neighborhood and the land of Make-Believe.  It has many of the same characters, many with kids now.  Our DVR claims this Daniel Tiger is the great grandson of the original Daniel Striped Tiger puppet from Mister Roger's but I don't know how true that is.  There are a lot of lessons about social interactions (sharing, manners, taking turns, not getting your way) and a song for everything.  Seriously, these parents must all go to a special class to know all the same songs??  (Matt and I had a long conversation the other night about how their society sustains itself because nobody seems to work enough or frequent other stores enough for anyone to make money.  This really concerns me.)

This book is the reason Luke looks at our vacation pictures and says we were on vacation at Jungle Beach, which is where Daniel goes in this book.  It's also the reason Luke was excited to find a crab and starfish on our vacation.  And why he can sing the song "Stop! And listen to stay safe."  I know DT is a stage he'll outgrow at some point but this is the one book I've decided to buy.  He likes it enough that it's worth the $5 for the next few years.

3) Elephant & Piggie
Are we the last parents to hear about Elephant and Piggie books?  I hope so because they are awesome.  They are technically easy readers which make them nice, quick, pre-nap or bedtime stories.  They are about Piggie and Gerald (an elephant) who are best friends and learn lessons but in funny ways.  I legit think these books can be hilarious.  Luke's favorites (and the two we own) are Should I Share My Ice Cream? (about sharing) and Big Guy Took My Ball (about making new friends) but we've read them all and love them all.

My cousin who is a kindergarten teacher (not to be confused with my sister a kindergarten teacher and my cousin-in-law a kindergarten teacher) watched Luke a few times over the summer and read these to Luke.  I recommend finding one of those if possible, because her voices and emotions were MUCH better than mine.  In fact, I still try to copy her and that was almost 2 months ago.   Regardless, try these out.  I hope Luke sticks with them until he can read them.  Maybe we'll have the whole collection by then.

4) Henry's Wagon
 This book is on here for very sentimental reasons but also because Luke loves it.  We've read it a few times lately and it's gotten to the point where, if I ask "what book do you want to read", the answer is Henry's Wagon.  This is a book that my Grandma used to read to us often.  It's copyright is in the 1940s and the copy my Grandma had was about that old.  It's just a sweet little story about a boy and his wagon and how he wants to paint it but can't find anyone to help him.  I can still hear her voice reading the closing line, which now even Luke knows by heart.  Plus, the pictures are beautiful, very classic looking. 

The original copy from my Grandma's actually belonged to my uncle and he must have it now because it's no longer at Grandpa's house.  After a dramatic reading one Christmas party my aunt found a few copies online and I was one of the lucky ones to get one of my own.  She gave it to me when we were in the middle of the adoption wait - after we told people but months before we got Luke.  That makes it special enough on it's own, being, I think, the first baby present we got for Luke.  This is one of my favorite children's books and I'm so glad Luke likes it too.

5) The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home
We might be the last people to read these books.  I had seen them often but never read them until recently and they were wonderful.  I read the first to Luke at nap time and then had Matt reread it to him at bedtime because I thought he (Matt) would like it too.  Both books are mostly made up of letters from crayons to their owner about various crayon issues.  You wouldn't think crayons would have so many problems, but they do.  The pictures are also done in crayon which is cute.  Luke likes these and really wanted to color after reading them (problem with reading before bedtime) but I think kids older than him would like them too, probably because they would "get" the story more.  I wouldn't mind owning either of these. 

I've read enough bad kids' books that I get excited to find some I actually enjoy too! 

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