Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DIY: Facewashing with Basics

 I made the homemade face pads and now needed something to use with them.  I was interested in making some beauty items after switching to mostly homemade cleaning supplies and really liking buying less and knowing better what goes into each item.  With cleaning supplies, I mostly buy a handful of items that can make all the cleaners I need; I like things that can be used multiple ways because it's less to buy and store.  It's also generally cheaper to make than buy.  I'm always looking for ways to cut back on our spending and so finding cheaper, easier, and simpler ways to wash my face definitely interested me.  Having things like apple cider vinegar have multiple functions around the house is pretty great too.  One bottle to buy and store but serves many purposes.

This is my nighttime face wash routine, I have a homemade scrub I use in the shower that I will be sharing later in the week.  Once I had the pads made finishing up this new process was pretty simple.

What You Will Need:
-homemade face pads

-2 bottles (mine are from the travel section at Target and were $1 each)
-apple cider vinegar
-witch hazel
-tap water
-eye make-up remover
-mesh bag for washing face pads

-roughly 50/50 mix of water and witch hazel

Known as a natural astringent, it can help remove excess oil and dirt from pores as well as help shrink pores and prevent future breakouts. 

-roughly 2:1 mix of water and apple cider vinegar

Works as a natural toner to help close up pores and brighten skin.  Also feels nice and cool!

My Routine:
1) Use a face pad soaked (not completely but enough) of the witch hazel astringent all over my face.  This also works as a make-up remover.  I rinse this in water (to help remove the make-up) before tossing in a mesh bag hung on the side of our bathroom vanity.

2) Rinse face with warm water.  Dry.

3) Use a face pad soaked in apple cider vinegar all over face and let dry.

4) Use the back side of the toner pad (usually isn't soaked through) or a cotton ball with eye make-up remover around my eyes.  Toss face pad in mesh bag.

5) For now I use a commercial face moisturizer but certainly open to trying some homemade ones eventually!

6) The night before or the morning of laundry day I zip and toss the whole mesh bag of dirty face pads down the laundry chute (literally inches away, you can see it in the picture).  I wash and dry them all in the bag and stack back in the bathroom cabinet.  Takes about 30 seconds. 

That's it!  Mostly with homemade components and only take a few minutes to wash my face at night.  On my nights to give Luke a bath I do this while supervising him which makes my own pre-bedtime routine go just a little bit faster!

Coming tomorrow, the aforementioned homemade face scrub.  Been using it well over 2 years and I still love it!

Sources: uses for witch hazel, apple cider vinegar toner

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