Friday, November 6, 2015

Looking back at October

A lot of stuff happened this month!  Matt's birthday, TWO new cousins for Luke, Halloween, a big potty training push, moving Luke out of his crib, and FALL.  Life feels much different than it did a month ago!

1) Celebrating a baby shower for my (pregnant at the time) sister!  Despite all growing up in this house, it's rare we are all there together now! 
2) Luke checking out clouds on a beautiful early October evening while Matt worked in the garage and I watched Luke watch the clouds.
3) Every where Luke goes lemur will go...
4) Luke and a cousin checking out the penguins at the zoo.  My sister and I decided they are going to be best buds.
5) Taking a fall family bike ride downtown.  It was beautiful!
6) Putt-putting on Matt's birthday.  Luke's general strategy was to hit the ball once or twice, then pick it up and put it in the hole. 
7) Drinking some free lemonade while visiting my alma mater, the University of Dayton.  I love being back in the fall!
8) Gorgeous trees at UD.
9) The UD chapel.  My regular church for the three years I lived on campus.  They just finished a complete renovation and it looks so much more church-y then when I attended!
10) I'm really hoping I raising a little reader. 
11) A sunny Sunday afternoon hike with Matt & Luke.  GORGEOUS.
12) Matt and I on said hike.  Luke was there too but he's made enough other appearances this month.
13) Fall foliage at my parents'.  I love this time of year!
14) Watching Back to the Future II in the future - October 21st. 
15) My cute little buddy.  This kid.
16) Moving Luke into his big bed!  He only fell out twice before we got a side railing.  And wandered into our room twice in the middle of the night (4am and 6:45am, which, ok, we were awake on the second but still between hitting snoozes.  I blame lovely, pointless, daylight savings for that one!). 

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