Friday, December 4, 2015

Looking back at November

December already!  Despite my early, right after Labor Day, mental Christmas countdown, I'm still in shock!

1) Enjoying a hot beverage on a sunny porch morning.  Now that it's too cold for the porch, this sounds wonderful!
2) My happy boy at the playground on a very rare but wonderful 70° November day.
3) Beautiful fall foliage. We had a pretty perfect fall, weather wise and just life wise!
4) My little superhero.  He wears his cape and mask at least once a day!
5) Reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix outside on another warm November day.  Love being able to read outside while Luke plays!
6) In the years before we got Luke I did more and more Christmas baking, feeling like I was filling my life with baked goods instead of kids.  I looked forward to when we'd have kids who could join me.  And now we do!  It was messy but I loved my little buddy joining me in cutting out cookies!
7) Happy happy boy at the lake for closing.  He'll take anytime there, even in the fall without a jet ski!
8) Why it's good to own rain boots (there really are a lot of reasons to have them!).  Walking in the lake in November?  Yes, I'm going to do that just because I can!
9) Luke has kinda learned how to do the junior birdie eyes (that's what I learned this was called).  He needs help but thinks it's hilarious.
10) Old Navy is one of Luke's favorite stores, mainly because of this dog.  And Daddy let him ride it.  He's nicer than Mommy.
11) Beautiful, beautiful early snowfall.  I think we got 4 inches and it was gone within a few days but I honestly loved it!  I'm pretty much perpetually cold November - March (despite multiple layers I also have a blanket wrapped around me as I type this) but still love the beauty of fresh snow.  Especially, mostly, when the roads are fine!  Snow covered trees + blue skies = one of the best things about winter.
12) Luke was very excited about the snow!  He's been talking about for months and was so excited for a little time to play in it!
13) Got my boys to join me for some cookie decorating while we watched some old Christmas tv specials we had DVR'd.  Luke got much more frosting in his mouth than on any cookies but he loved it!
14) I remember in college telling friends that we had a giant Santa lit up on the side of a building.  It's one of the cooler things about where we live.  Luke's big impression of the lighting was "guy said 1, 2, 3, and lights came on!". 
15) And family picture in front of the wreath!  I have one of these from every year of Luke's life!
16) Our Thanksgiving weekend included 3 big meals in 30 hours (at one I made my little sister laugh so hard milk came out her nose.  Something she specifically told me to write about here.), some Black Friday shopping (on actual Friday, none of that Thanksgiving Day nonsense), a date for Matt & I, decorating for Christmas, and getting our tree.  So many fun things with so many great people!  This was Luke "helping" push the cart with our tree at Lowes.  Our Christmas tree picking out took 15 minutes from pulling into the parking lot to pulling out.  We're speedy Christmas tree shoppers.

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