Friday, February 5, 2016

Looking Back at January

These are things that happened in January: we started the year sick.  We stayed sick for weeks.  We had about one healthy week and then all got sick again.  The whole month, and mostly last week, feel like one giant blur of being sick.  Mostly a lot of sinus/runny noses/stuffy noses/sore throats/general head feeling miserable.  Add to that that we are generally pretty hermit-y after all the holiday bustle...and I really couldn't tell you what did most of the month.  And apparently I pretty much only took pictures of Luke all month...there wasn't much else.  So, sorry about that!

1) Luke praying before breakfast.  It's adorable when he does this.
2) My little nerd.
3) He dressed himself instead of napping.  And refused to take it off.
4) Snow!  Some of the teeny tiny bit we got this month.  (It is winter, right? Right??)
5) Being silly in the tub with one of my old bath toys.
6) Matt built this to help organize our garage sale pile (and basement) better and Luke claimed it as his bunk bed after he saw the new ones cousins' had.  His life goal is to be like cousins.
7) Splashing in puddles is pretty much the best thing ever.
8) I asked him to pick up all his trucks so I could sweep. Not quite what I meant but at least he listened?
9) My happy, sweet boy (really stretching for pictures this month).
10) A quiet, blissful Sunday morning at home with a hot drink, fresh babka, and a magazine.
11) Snow!  The two pictures here are I think the only times we got snow all month.
12) For one brief day, this was his favorite pose.  I loved it.
13) See above.  Later the same day.
14) Frozen coke.  Without freezing.  In January.
15) Luke was very green this day: green long-sleeved shirt, green Yoda t-shirt, green shorts, green sunglasses, and green tennies (when he was wearing them).  He insisted on the shorts.
16) Taking advantage of the 50° end of January to finally take down the Christmas lights.  Although the Christmas doormat definitely still remains.

Books finished: 11
Things added to the garage sale pile: 105 (I went on a major cleaning purge)
Things sewn: 0
Things crafted: 0
Days Luke & I didn't leave the house: at least 14, by my best count

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