Friday, March 11, 2016

{5} Etsy Necklace Favs

In the last 14 months my necklace collection has grown quite a bit, mostly thanks to Matt getting my not at all subtle hints and Etsy.  I've gotten a few statement necklaces from Target too but I find myself mostly reaching for these pendant necklaces.  They feel a little more unique and are simpler.
All photos from their respective Etsy pages

Cobalt Blue Drop Necklace
This was just a Christmas present but it quickly went into high rotation.  I wear it A LOT.  At least once a week easy which is a lot considering some weeks I only leave the house a few times and I don't feel the need to accessorize when I'm at home with Luke.  It's the perfect shade of blue and is the perfect length.  To me, it goes with just about everything. 

Pink Drop Necklace
I've worn the blue so much that Matt got me the identical pink one for Valentine's Day.  This was not at all something I hinted at (it most definitely was).  I don't wear it as much as the blue (since nothing will ever replace blue as my favorite color) but it's nice to have other color options.

Mint Blue & Small Peach Pendants (no longer available but I found others I like from this shop!)
My first Etsy necklace and it's great when I want something longer.  The colors make it go with just about everything in my limited-color wardrobe.  Although I definitely play with it when I wear it.

Sail Away with Me
Before I got my blue pendant this was my most frequently worn (and still is often).  It's simply but significant.  I wanted this one for awhile but took me forever to come up with what coordinated I wanted memorialized.  We finally decided on the church where we got engaged and married.  That's pretty significant. 

Long Necklace with Blue Pendant, Starfish, and Pearl
This is more a summer wear but I even took it on vacation last year, the first time I have probably ever taken jewelry on vacation (and I wore it!).  Dresses up any summer outfit, even just a bit!

There is a lot on Etsy.  A lot.  I've found it most helpful when I am very specific on my search terms and also limit the price range I'm looking at (generally under $25).  Definitely my go-to for necklaces!

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