Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five: New York, New York Movie Favs

As I've mentioned before, we are making our 3rd, Luke's first, trip to New York soonish.  And I really should probably be working on planning our trip instead of writing this post.  I mean I know how we're getting there (Amtrak, tickets bought), where we're staying (hotel, reserved) and have a few things in mind for what to do (there's a Star Wars costume exhibit in Times Square...very good chance we'll be going there...and other than that...whatever is free, food aside) but really feel like I need to get the details figured out.  Our last two trips were very similar, as in the second was pretty much what we saw on the first.  But this time we're ready for some new things (besides the obvious like Central Park, Times Square, and Jamba Juice).  So far I've picked out most of the places I want to eat.  Priorities.

To get myself in the New York mood, I've been rewatching my favorite New York movies/shows.  It really helps!  We've seen filming locations from most, if not all of these.  Not entirely intentionally, just when things are filmed in, say, Times Square or Central Park, we see them.  

1) Center Stage

Beside being good New York inspiration, this makes me super nostalgic for the end of my senior year of high school.  I watched it semi-obsessively while finishing my scrapbook in the week I had off between finishing classes and graduation, when the rest of my family was at work or school.  And by that I mean multiple times a day.  I have decent portions memorized. 

It's about the (fictional) American Ballet Academy and ballerinas trying to get in.  Obviously there is (cheesy) drama and (actual) great dancing.  And things like riding in a limo through Times Square and visiting the Statue of Liberty and getting the cheesy foam crown which I may or may not have done.

The movie didn't age the best and is really cheesy but I still love it. 

2) The Devil Wears Prada
The only book turned movie I can think of where I didn't read the book, first or at all (I've heard too many places that the movie is better and I enjoy the movie so much I don't want to ruin it with the book).  Everyone knows the story here, right?  Actually, shouldn't assume because I just referenced it to Matt the other day and he just asked "Who's Miranda Priestly?" which shocked me because I can't believe he hasn't walked through while I've been watching this, ever!  (And, strangely, I also referenced at my Grandpa's viewing.)

Young college grad, wants to write, ends up working for not-Vogue.  Her boss is a crazy lady (the "Devil").  Said college grad learns a lot, gets a make-over, screws up some things.  I remember watching this during tax season (happy April 15th!) back when I was working and feeling like the crazy hours I was working at the time was nothing after watching the crazy hours shown here.  This might be in my top 10 movies, ever.  Maybe.  I haven't ever sat down to make that list.  But it's a favorite.

3) Enchanted
Back when I used to (occasionally) buy movies without watching them first, this is one I bought before I ever saw it.  And don't regret it.   Cartoon princess turns real princess in New York and is trying to find her one true love to get her "true love kiss".  Obviously some fairy tale things don't translate to the real world (having animals clean your NYC apartment isn't as accepted as having them clean your animated cottage in the woods).  Cheesy but knowingly so.  After visiting actual Central Park you realize how impossible it would be to visit all the places they do in the 3-4 minute "That's How You Know" song but I still pointed out each place when we actually visited them.  And features a Carrie Underwood song.  A song or two from this will enevitably make my New York playlist.  Which I probably won't get to listen to much due to keeping a 3 year old occupied on a train...

4) Smash
Ok, a tv show but a good one.  Even though I don't know of a single other person in my life who watched it.  It's about the making of a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.  I may have partially been drawn in by the New York aspect (it premiered after our first visit).  There are scenes filmed in Times Square so if you ever watch with me you'll have to put up with a lot of "We were there!" but that aside, I did really enjoy it.  I'll never live in New York so have to settle for watching shows and reading books about people who do!

5) Morning Glory
Kinda like The Devil Wears Prada in that it is a workplace rom-com set in New York.  That might be about where the similarities end.  Career girl (Rachel McAdams) is a tv producer gets a EP job at a Today show low competitor and has to get the ratings up.  Han Solo is not cooperating.  She finds a guy (not Harrison Ford).  Makes me, slightly, wish I could have the career girl life in New my early 20s.  Which is never happening for obvious reasons (Uhhhh...I'm not in my 20s anymore for one). 

I can't mention New York movies/tv shows with adding Friends but since they mainly filmed on sound stages in LA and never in New York (that I can think of), I didn't add it to my list.  I love the show (my all-time favorite) but it doesn't inspire me to want to visit like the others do.  Although we have seen the apartment building used for establishing shots.  Maybe been there twice.
Notice same coat, different hair. 

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