Friday, April 29, 2016

Things I Like - April

Finally can spend money again...and Target took FOREVER to put most of their clothes on sale.  It's like they didn't want my money or something...then I've made up for it in the last 10ish days.  Most of which isn't here...

1) Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred

This is currently kicking my butt.  I mean, probably not at the exact second you are reading this but for the last month, it's really been kicking my butt (that's literally one of the exercises but also figuratively).  A friend on Facebook asked if anyone was up for doing this "together" (separately but keeping each other accountable) and I had been meaning to try it for awhile so I did it.  After two days I could barely go up and down stairs, my calves were majorly sore.  It's gotten much better since.  As I type this I am exactly half way through the 30 days (with taking Sundays off) and I can really tell a difference in my body and in my endurance.  It doesn't take long, each level is about 27 minutes, including stretching before and after.  It's still tough, I'm definitely doing some easier versions of the exercises but it's effective.  Definitely something I hope to keep up once I finish the 30 days.  (I originally got it from the library, then bought from but I've also found on youtube.)

2) Merona Crossbody
I said I was looking for a crossbody purse and was considering this one.  Then "Matt" got me this one for Easter (in two colors, naturally so I could decide in person which to keep).  I didn't have a real crossbody before (well a really worn out Vera Bradley one and a few satchels that could be worn cross body but weren't comfortable that way) and this one has been really nice so far!  It's big enough for all my essentials but also a few extras when I've used it on long days away from home.  It won't fit our good camera in New York but we'll figure something out.  Plenty of pockets to organize and comfortable to wear!  Other than a clutch, it's my only neutral colored purse which is honestly a little odd.

3) White Cheddar Popcorn Salt

I don't know how I've never mentioned this before.  We eat a decent amount of popcorn around here.  And almost all of it has this stuff on top.  It's one of those things we have in our cupboard at absolutely all times.  We take it to the lake for popcorn there.  We just decided we'll be taking it to the drive-in for our popcorn there.  It's literally lick the bowl out good (we actually do that).  And not just for popcorn!  Tonight I had some on my green beans and Matt on his baked potato.  It's multi-purpose.  A small jar is $2, a larger $5.  I've bought at Target, Wal-Mart, GFS, and Kroger.  We super rarely eat popcorn without this and when we do, we don't enjoy it as much.

4) The Goodbye Bride

I grew up reading Christian Fiction.  Robin Jones Gunn in particular was hugely influential on my teen years.  As I've been reading so much more in the last few years I've had trouble finding Christian Fiction that I can really enjoy.  So much of what I've found is just cheesy or not well written (although I've still enjoyed every single RJG book I've read, ever).  This book is one of the good ones.  It's pretty obvious how it's going to end but the journey is still enjoyable.  You might have to suspend a little belief but I read it pretty quick, despite all of that.  It's the second in a series (although you certainly don't need to read the first first) set in a fictional town in Maine.  It's about a woman who ran out on her fiance right before their wedding and then calls him out of the blue a few months later because she's in a wedding dress, hit her head, and doesn't know what's going on.  She doesn't remember leaving him or why she's getting ready to marry someone else.  I KNOW it sound really cheesy but it was really enjoyable. 

5) Mossimo Sonora Sandals

I was trying to keep to my list on what clothes I was going to buy this spring.  I was really trying.  But aren't these sandals just adorable??  I waited weeks for lent to be over and then for them to go on sale but it was worth it.  I mostly wear flip-flops just around the house or lake (or the beach, if we are there) and prefer slightly nicer sandals for leaving the house/lake/beach.  I have last year's version of these but am super excited about these new ones.  I wear more navy than black/grey in the summer so these should go with a lot.  Might be horrible tan lines but I think they are cute enough to be worth it!

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