Monday, May 2, 2016

Looking Back at April

March went really slow and April went really fast!  Although Easter and Luke's birthday feels like forever ago!  Started the month with snow and ended it with dreary rain.  At least we had plenty of sunny warm days in between!

1) Blowing out birthday candles at his birthday party!  With Grandpa, we went back and forth so many times on Luke's party and finally ended up having it when we knew we wouldn't be attending a funeral.  My Grandpa died one hour before Luke's party began.  It wasn't the most cheerful celebration (and Matt's parents were very understanding of this) but so nice to be with family.  My sister and I strangely had previous plans to be together right after hearing news about both Grandma and Grandpa.  Never a better time to be with family.
2) Luke giving Lemur a piggie back when walking to get ShopKick points.  He tells me often "I'm a good Daddy to lemur."
3 - 4) With all 23 of my (Mom's side) cousins. We hadn't all been together since Grandma 2 ½ years earlier and before that it had been at least 5 years.  Honestly, this could very well be the last time it happens.  Even knowing it was a fairly solemn occasion this picture still makes me smile every time I see it.  I'm so glad and blessed to have had all of these people in my life.  (And I'm really glad I organized the picture.  You're welcome everyone! =) )
5) Park stop after a run.  Luke asks every single time and always points out "Mom, there not many people there!" because he knows we won't stop if it's busy. 
6) Spring.
7) Running on a gorgeous day.  The plus side to pushing a stroller (besides the bonus arm workout) is an easy place to put water.  And keys.  And phone.  And shed layers if needed!
8) Walking the Indy canal while making my LAST college visit to any of my sisters ever! (If any of them go back to grad school we aren't visiting, also, I don't think any of them plan to go back to school.).  Luke loved seeing my sister and her boyfriend!
9) Super Maxy on a walk to the library.  I love that he insists on this for most of our library walks!
10) Eating ice cream (mini drum sticks, which are fantastic) outside on a beautiful Saturday.
11) Kool-Ade Cookies.  I always make them in the spring and then wonder why I don't make them more often.  They are delicious.

12) I went back to my Grandpa's house with Luke, my Mom, and aunt two weeks after the funeral so I could take pictures around the house before the siblings start sorting through everything.  For the last year-ish Luke's talked about playing with Grandpa's Tinkertoys whenever we talked about visiting.  I'm so glad we got to make this (maybe) last visit.
13) Naps have been a struggle lately.  Which is tough for me, I think I need (Luke's) nap time more than Luke does!  This day he fell asleep on my run and then slept another hour in the stroller on the porch! 
14) Family bike ride downtown.  Luke wasn't as impressed with the tulips as I was, apparently.
15) Gorgeous spring day for a bike ride (Matt & Luke are in there...very small).
16) Happy happy boy and his lemur outside. 

Books finished: 9 (47 for the year, I read 19 in March and April combined after 19 in February alone...)
Things added to the garage sale pile: 36, I need a major purging bug to bite before our sale next month!
Things sewn:  2 pillow covers, 2 blankets, 70 burb cloths, a super cape for Luke's lemur (which I was not happy and got very frustrated with but when I gave it to Luke he said "I love it!  Lemur loves it!" so I feel much better about it now) and a small blanket for Luke's Lemur and Puppy. 
Things crafted: 0....unless you count sewing??  Or spray painting?
Miles ran: 20.58, on top of getting 20 days into the 30 day shred.  And, again, pushing Luke in the jogger for all of those (although my one run so far in May was finally solo!)
Currently watching: Slowly working through Hart of Dixie.  Matt and I have been rewatching The Office when we work in the basement together or one of the many versions of House Hunters on Netflix (Domestic, International, Tiny, Domestic Renovation, International Renovation) when we are relaxing.
Most read post this month: My tribute to my Grandpa, by a landslide (having some cousins and an aunt share it on Facebook certainly didn't hurt).

I also have been working on a blog redesign over the last few weeks and am finally done, for now!  Added pages all along the right side, a header, links to some social media.  This might not sound like much but it took awhile!  

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