Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Five: Beauty Product Review

It will come as absolutely no shock to anyone when I say this isn't a fashion or beauty blog.  I think that's been incredibly obvious from the very beginning.  BUT I do like reading product reviews from other bloggers, especially of products in my price range.  Which, yes, means I can probably buy it at Target.  So brief reviews on a few things I've bought and used in the last 6 months

1) ELF Hydrating Face Primer
Starting out with the winner of the bunch.  I love this stuff.  It's taken the place of my morning moisturizer and really does make my face feel softer!  It also helps my foundation stick better and just generally makes my face feel better.  I had been using the same moisturizer pretty much since college, with a few other failed trials, so I'm pretty excited to finally have found something else I like!  My only downside is that it didn't last real long, maybe 2 months for a $6 bottle?  BUT...I've already started bottle #2 so in the whole "would you do/buy it again" standard...this is a winner.  There are also other varieties of their face primer but I haven't paid that much attention since I like this one so much.

2) Pixi Glow Tonic
This one I'm maybe 60/40.  Or 55/45.  Very close to being indifferent.  I started using it at the same time as the face primer and that is clearly the winner of the two.  I've been using this in the mornings and my homemade toner at night, applying with one of my homemade face pads.  I'm not sure how much of a difference it's making.  Most of the other reviews I've seen have been glowing (pun intended) but I don't know that it's doing that much?  I don't think it's hurting anything but I don't know if it's worth $15 for ~4 months.  This is a very helpful review, I know.  I'm certainly willing to finish the bottle and maybe buy another.  I'm leaning towards yes for now.

3) L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Rock Mascara
I have a very definite opinion on this one.  I hate it.  I bought it because I saw some rave reviews.  My very first time using it I was not happy.  It has a short bristled brush which I now know I really dislike.  Really really.  I've been using mascara for YEARS and after 4 months with this one I am still making a mess putting it on.  It's just a pain.  And it can dry out later in the day and make a mess.  Just overall, NO.  I make myself finish all products I buy; I refuse to throw anything away partially used (unless it gives me serious breakout/allergy type problems which has never happened) so I'm stuck with this another 2 months.  Don't buy this.

4) Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
I've read many many rave reviews about BB Cream and was really interested in all the different benefits and finally bought some to try thanks to a Cartwheel deal.  I'm honestly not sure I get the fuss.  It's not moisturizing enough to replace my moisturizer and not enough coverage to replace my pointless.  I'm saving the rest to use at the lake this summer when I don't really mess with make-up (besides mascara for church) but a little bit of coverage and some facial sunscreen would be good.  Unless it shocks me with heavier use, I won't be replacing.

5) Biore Charcoal Pore Minimizer
Another one I bought based on reviews.  I've been using it in the shower 2-3 times a week for months and not sure it's done much of anything.  It does make my face feel tighter after use (compared to my homemade coconut oil scrub) but also drier.  I'm finally getting close to finishing it and do not plan to replace.  I'd rather at least use my homemade scrub that feels useful. 

So there it is...basically 4 products I wouldn't really recommend and 1 that I would.  This might not help with what to buy but maybe will steer you clear of some duds!!

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