Friday, May 13, 2016

If I Could Write a Letter to Me...

Dear Newlywed Diana,

Congratulations! You are married to the love of your life.  Enjoy it.

We've been married 10 years now.  I look back at pictures of me (you) now (then) and just  There's a lot of life between you (me) and me (you).  Some advice:

Enjoy that cruise, I'd really love to go on a cruise again.  WEAR SUNSCREEN.  Seriously, you don't need to come back tan.  Coming back not purple would be better.  (Not getting skin cancer would be preferred too, not that you have it, yet.  But maybe someday.)

Don't worry about Matt working a different shift.  Yes, it will suck coming back from your honeymoon and then not seeing each other much during the week.  He will get a 1st shift job.  It will happen.  This is just a very small part of your lives.  There might be a year of hell between working the same shift but it will most definitely be worth it.  Just enjoy the quiet and doing/eating what you want and maybe, maybe, spend a little less time on the computer.

Read more books.  I read 100+ a year with a kid to watch.  You can surely handle that without.

Don't worry about buying the jet ski.  Any of them (oh yes, there will be more than one).  You will not regret those purchases even if the second seller is a complete idiot (hint: start the lost title process sooner.).  But watch out for the DNR.  They ruin fun.

Visit your (our) Grandparents more.  You will not regret one visit or second in their presence.  They will be gone before you know it and you will miss them like crazy.

If Matt suggests building a DVR say YES and make it happen ASAP.  You don't need to waste time on commercials.

Don't stress about the kid thing.  Really.  Don't worry, don't get depressed.  You will get the perfect kid at the perfect moment.  It will happen.  I promise.  Then you will be glad for every time you (I) didn't get pregnant.  This might sound crazy but it is absolutely true.  You really will feel that way.  Sure, eat ice cream for supper and go to bed at 5pm occasionally.  But don't let it get you too down.  Trust me.

You will get to go to Hawaii and the plane will not crash.

Don't go for runs at 6:30am.  You would love it.  You really would.  But it will (maybe) lead to years of pain and two surgeries and thousands of dollars.  Run in the evening, suck it up.  Your foot will be better for it.

If/when a doctor suggests foot surgery, get a second opinion!

Also, start running now.  Not this second but as soon as you (I) are back from the cruise.  Your health thanks you.

Make a budget and actually keep it.  You will be amazed at what you can save on one income, much less two.

Redo the bathroom.  Like in the next year or two.  It will be well worth the time.  IKEA has a sink with two faucets.  If they don't yet, WAIT.  Do the bathroom as soon as they release that sink.  Two sink faucets are definitely worth it.

Get the hideous paneling out of the stairs.  Again, it will suck but it needs to be gone.

When you get asked to join a London pub quiz night, do it.  (Yes! You get to go to London!).

Or you know, don't do any of these things.  Your life is pretty great 10 years later, even learning all of this along the way.  But trust me on the sunscreen.


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