Friday, June 24, 2016

Books Luke Likes - 3¼ Years

Luke and I read a lot of books together but it's often the same favorites over and over and over again.  We get others from the library (he's found their Star Wars section...we frequently have to bring one of those home) but if I'm not thrilled with it (most of the books Luke picks out, sorry son) then it goes right back to the library.  There are some winners we find though that stick around until their due date, some even warranting a renewal.  These are a few of the winners lately and all ones I wouldn't mind adding to our (ever-growing, probably already too large) personal library.

1) Thank You Book
The LAST Elephant & Piggie book!  The last one!!  We've loved every single story we've read about Piggie and Gerald (the elephant).  They are smart, legit funny, and hold Luke's attention very well.  They are easy readers so hopefully in a few years Luke will be reading them himself.  In this one Piggie is saying thank you to all their friends and it's fun seeing all the side characters again and remembering which book(s) they were in.  And a lesson in Thank You, I'm always a fan of that.  But the last new book!  We own 6 but need to collect the rest!

2) Lots of Bots
This was a random library find but a really good one!  Wall-E is looking for Eve among a bunch of different robots.  We watched the movie with Luke a few months ago and Luke enjoyed it and likes seeing the familiar characters pop up in books (hence all the Star Wars he checks out).  This read like a Dr. Seuss book and the pictures were so cool!  They look like paper pieces all cut and made into these incredible pictures.  I don't know if that's what they really did but even if the effect is faked it looks really impressive!  We've checked this one out more than once!

3) Mix it Up
This is the same author as the Press Here that I mentioned a few month ago.   Luke might like this one even more!  It's about color mixing, how colors can mix to make different colors, what adding white or black does to a color, etc.  The pictures all look like real paint splatters and kids are instructed to smoosh the pages together in different spots and maybe other actions too.  It's really fun and taught Luke a few things about colors! (Not that he remembers it all but he has asked about what colors will become when mixed while painting!  So progress!).

4) The Thing about Yetis
At first this book felt very out of season to be reading in the spring.  Yetis are supposed to like the snow and cold.  I do not really care for those things, especially in April and May.  Turns out Yetis might agree with me.  Cute story and not annoying!

5) Look out for Pirates!
This is likely Luke's current favorite book.  I've found him sleeping with it many times (I think he "reads" it when he can't fall asleep right away).  It might be because it came from his beloved godfather/cousin but also, he loves "Captain Jim and his men!".  It's another easy reader and is a little longer but we read it before bedtime a few times a week anyways.  My only complaint is that they call the shark a "big fish" as if kids can't read shark?  But can read pirate, treasure, and other longer words?  Luke even points out the shark so we just change that word.  But otherwise, it's great.  See if your library still has it!  And thanks to VeggieTales, Luke sometimes calls it the "Pirates Who Don't do Anything" book.  Haha.

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