Friday, March 18, 2016

Books Luke Likes: 3 years (!!!!!)

We got on a good book streak lately.  When in doubt, we can always pick up some Elephant & Piggie at the library (always a winner here) but I get really excited to find new books I like for Luke too.  If you've ever browsed children's books you know there are plenty not worth your time.  And if you are getting a book for your kid you better really like it because chances are you'll read it more than once.  In one sitting (or just my kid?  My limit is 5 times per book per sitting.)  All of these were read multiple times and were all winners.

1) Don't Push the Button

Hands down, Luke's favorite of the bunch.  Weeks later he asked for the "Larry" book so we had to check it out again.  I didn't mind.  The monster's (?) name is Larry and he's telling you not to push the button on each page.  Obviously it doesn't work so well.  Luke LOVES pressing the button (which is just a picture, there is no actual button) and then shaking and tickling the book when instructed.  I don't know how many times we've read this one but it still makes him laugh every time.  And it's short.  Key when you are reading it over and over and over again!

2) McToad Mows Tiny Island
McToad mows Big Island most days of the week but once a week he mows Tiny Island and takes quite the journey to get himself and his lawn mower there.  Really, a few steps could be cut out but that would eliminate some of the fun.  McToad likes this day best.   I'm glad our mowing doesn't involve this much work.

3) Press Here
This is similar to "Don't Push the Button" but different.  There is no monster telling you what to do (or not to do) but you (or your kid) does get to push dots and tilt the book and maybe shake it.  It's great fun and made Luke laugh every time.  It's very simple yet well done.  It would be good for doctor's waiting room or places you need to keep a kid occupied for a bit!

4) LMNO Peas
There are a few books about the Peas but this one is the favorite here (but they are all good).  "{They} are alphabet peas, {they} work and play in the ABCs".  Just an ABC book with peas doing different jobs for each letter.  It's a slightly different take on an ABC books (A is for apple, B is for baby, etc.).  We've been working on ABCs lately and this is a fun way to do it. 

5) The Queen's Hat
This one I may have liked more than Luke but he still enjoyed it.  The Queen is trying to go for tea but her hat blows off and she has to chase it all over London with her guards and butler following her.  I loved pointing out "we were there!" (as anyone who knows me may have guessed) and liked the cameo by the (first) royal baby.  But Luke liked finding her hat and we tried to find the butler on each page.  He asked questions about the "big clock" (Big Ben) and what was going on.  It was cute.

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