Monday, June 27, 2016

Target sale alert: sandals!

Someone once told me I should blog about Target sales.  So since one person said it...I'm going to do it.  I'm usually not a pushover.  (My Mother pointed out, again, this weekend how stubborn I am.)  BUT...good sale TODAY ONLY.  ONLY TODAY!  And I just placed an order so good time to share?

Target is doing different sales each day this week.  Today is an additional 30% off sandals when they are ALREADY 20% off.  So almost 50% off.  I may have reordered a pair I have sitting next to me on my desk at this moment...never worn!  I'm going to return then because I just ordered them for more than $6 cheaper.  Yes, I've done this "buy again and return the first" for waaaay less savings than $6.  No judgement please.

Use code SUMMER for the extra discount today.  

I just ordered:

Buffy Espadrille Wedge Sandals
Original price: $29.99
ON SALE $23.99 (20% off)
AFTER DISCOUNT $16.79 (extra 30% off)

I've tried these on (hello, I currently own them) and am able to walk fine in the 4.5: heel although certainly not what I'm going to wear grocery shopping.

Star Wars Sandals

Original price: $10.99
ON SALE $8.79 (20%)
AFTER DISCOUNT $6.15 (extra 30%)

For Luke for next summer (I sized up one from what he wears now)

Earlier in the summer I bought these sandals:
Sonora Thong Sandals
Original price: $19.99
ON SALE: $15.99 (20%)
AFTER DISCOUNT $11.19 (extra 30%)

I wear them all. the. time. (seen here)  They are just as comfortable as flip-flops but look nicer.  They were instantly comfortable, no blister problems.  I would highly recommend!

And I have last year's version of these:
Jana Thong Sandals
Original price: $15.99
ON SALE: $12.79 (20%)
AFTER DISCOUNT: $8.95 (extra 30%)

I wear the navy striped ones more but wear these in pewter for anything I can't wear navy with, basically, which is still often.  Again, looks nicer than flip-flops but just as comfortable and I've never gotten blister from them!  I wear these often to church in the summer with various dresses.  Easy to pack and wear!

I could probably find plenty more to recommend but I probably own enough shoes and don't need to look around for more I "need"!

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