Monday, July 11, 2016

Mixed Drink Monday: Long Island Iced Tea

Before this, I had never had a Long Island Iced Tea.  I really liked iced tea and when a sister mentioned this was her friend's favorite drink I thought "I liked iced tea.  I should make that."  Then I found a recipe on Pinterest and realized it was mostly alcohol, like very high in alcohol.  And absolutely no iced tea.  None at all.   So it got pushed off for awhile.  Then some more because I ran out of tequila and we kept running out of room in the grocery budget (alcohol is usually the first thing off the list at the end of the month).   Then things worked out and I finally made my drink.  I've often made drinks and posted about how shocked I am at the alcohol content.  Not this time.  I made this fully aware that it would be a very strong drink and tried to compensate by adding a lot of ice.  A LOT of ice.

On the plus side, it was very easy to mix up.  Add a whole bunch of things but no blender, time over the stove, or straining required.  That was a huge plus.  I should try more drinks like this for that reason alone.  But a drink that is, besides ice, 2/3 hard liquor...well.  Maybe I'm too old/boring/much of a mom for that.  Because this is a STRONG drink.  I'm glad I started it at 4pm in the afternoon so I had plenty of time to stretch it out and plenty of time to drink water after. 

Long Island Iced Tea
yield: one drink
2oz Coke/Pepsi
1oz tequilia
1oz rum
1oz vodka
1oz gin

Fill glass with ice.  Add all liquids.  Stir.

My Thoughts 
Wow.  This was strong.  Very strong.  I gave Matt a sip and he said "That's disgusting."  Haha, I didn't think it was disgusting but the alcohol was very evident, obviously.  It was also easier to drink as the ice melted, watering it down, which is part of the reason it took me two hours to consume.  I'm glad I finally tried it so I can check off my list but I think this was a one and done.  That's just too much alcohol for me in one drink.  Or maybe even one night for that matter.  The taste was fine, just too strong!  But if you are more adventurous or have a higher alcohol tolerance or a higher tolerance for hangovers, I'd recommend!

Source: Get Your Drink On

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