Friday, July 8, 2016

Looking Back at June

Despite being home most of the month, life was still really busy!!  Matt spent 6 days (often after working 8 hours) helping my parents reroof which meant I spent 6 days mostly without a husband.  I also hosted a garage sale with my sisters which was very busy but profitable, especially considering we had no big things to sell.  And we had our church festival, my last cousin's graduation party (on the same night), a trip to the lake, a camping trip, and plenty of life in between.  Yay Summer! (That's not sarcasm.  I really do love summer.)


1) Five little(ish) boys, lined up eating popsicles during the garage sale.  It was a really busy 24 hours but still glad we did it.  Maybe more glad it's over for another year.
2) Luke and I matched this day!  Unintentionally, mostly.
3) My parents needed a new roof and one of my brother-in-laws decided they could take it on.  So lead by two (teachers on summer break) BILs, Matt, my sister's boyfriend, Dad, 2 cousins, another BIL, and a friend of a BIL, (I think that was everyone?) spent various amounts of time over 6 days reroofing.  It made for loooong days for all us (I made so many trips back and forth to my parents those days) but it was also fun to see and hangout with everyone so much (the guys might not agree).  (Photo cred to my Dad.)  Matt's verdict by the end of day 6: "I never want to be on that roof ever again."
4) A beautiful golden hour in the country, leaving my parents' one day.
5) I was up on the roof!  Pregnant sisters were banned but my youngest sister and I got up (even though I made it further).  I "helped" in that I took some stuff up to my Dad by scooting up on my bottom.  It's really terrifying!  The guys were walking all over like no big deal but I was happy on my bottom and on the lower peak.  (Photo cred to a BIL, who only took the picture because I asked him to since I didn't have my phone on me, on the roof.)
6) This is about Luke's favorite pose at the moment.  And definitely his favorite shirt.  I end up hiding it sometimes.
7) Luke fell off a kitchen chair and was crying.  I went to pick him up and freaked out a little when I saw his face...until I remembered he had been eating strawberries.
8) Back at the lake.  Luke LOVED this.
9) He also loves the lake in general.
10) You knew there was going to be a jet ski picture at some point. 
11) I grew that blueberry.  Enjoying the (very small) fruits of my harvest!
12) A zoo trip!  This kid.
13) Hiking on our annual (my) family camping trip.  The showers sucked and it was hot and sticky but oh so fun. 
14) I take a lot of pictures just hanging around camp.  We were really lucky my sister found us shaded, fairly level spots! 
15) Hobo dinners while camping.  They are magnificent.
16) Luke's gotten much better at riding his bike lately, especially on the camping trip!  He's now pretty good at pedaling and good at steering, when reminded!  It's adorable.  Such a big kid!!

Books finished: 10 (68 for the year)
Things added to the garage sale pile: just a few, nothing I kept track of.  Trying to avoid any major purges since we just had a sale!
Things sewn:  4 pillow covers and 3 other things I hope to post about soon.  My sewing machine had to go in for a tune-up so I'm lucky I got anything done at all (and all of those were because my pregnant with kid #6 sister brought her machine over for me to borrow.  She makes all of us look bad.)   
Miles ran: 26.91 (a marathon!) and kept at the 30 day shred almost every weekday and Saturdays we were home.    
Currently watching: American Ninja Warrior with Matt (the best of summer tv) and Hart of Dixie occasionally while working on projects, very occasionally.
Most read post this month: Nutella Turnovers.  Those are delicious.  I still have puff pastry in the freezer and Nutella in the cupboard so I need to make them again!

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