Friday, November 18, 2016

{5} Random Thoughts

1)I hate being cliched and talking about the weather but today and yesterday have been in the 70°s which is basically unheard of for mid-November in Indiana.  It's been AWESOME.  Although it's all supposed to change tonight and tomorrow is cold and miserable with the chance of snow BUT loved being about to be outside the last 2 days and not have to fight Luke over wearing pants (it's short appropriate weather!).

2) November is National Adoption Month and this week was World Adoption Day.  Regarding that, this post last week on Kindred + Co. really resonated with me.

3) I hate talking politics, it's pretty near the bottom of things I am likely to bring up with strangers/friends/family/anyone (outside of Matt).  However, there has been A LOT of political talk all over social media since the election and, short of giving up the internet, it's pretty hard to escape.  Whether you voted for him or not, I found this completely fascinating at the Washington Post: Why I Voted for Trump.  And that's the last political thing I'll probably ever say here.

4)We go to the main branch of our library system about once a month and while there I tend to stock up on books a little.  This was our first time driving (as opposed to riding bikes) in about 6 months which meant I could checkout more books than usual.  So I checked out 8 books for me, already had 3 books from the library at home, 1 I'm borrowing from my aunt, 1 pre-ordered book that arrived this week, 1 I picked up off the shelves today (it was on my to-read list!) and then another 4 (!!) holds came in today.  That's 18 books.  This is my massive to-read pile:

It's a little overwhelming, even for me, 119 books done for the year.  I think I'm set for awhile. (But I did put two more on hold today...)

5) After quitting Dancing with the Stars after season 9 (besides the all-star season), they got me back a year ago with Nick Carter (long time favorite Backstreet Boy) and then this season with Laurie Hernandez of the "Final Five".  And this week it made me cry.  Just like the watching the women's gymnastics during the Olympics made me cry.  I might cry easier than just about anyone I know. 

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