Friday, November 11, 2016

{5} Things I'm Liking About This Fall

1) Fall Foliage
That's pretty obvious if you follow me on Instagram.  With the warmer temps sticking around much longer than usual and not a lot of rain to knock all the leaves on, the beautiful fall foliage season is lasting much longer than usual and it's wonderful.  There are certainly bare trees but still so many ones with lots of color!

2) Puffer Vests

We don't need to talk about exactly how many of these I have (hint: it's a higher number than my son is old...) but I wear them all. the. time.  All of mine are from Old Navy and are warm and comfortable and awesome.  It's been a really long fall but even so, I think I've only worn an actual coat twice because I'm able to stay warm enough with my vests.  That is shocking.  I'm always cold.  Definitely worth the investment (it I think they'll be 50% off on Black Friday? Pretty sure.)

3) Bike/Scooter Rides with Luke
Luke and I have been doing this on many nice afternoons.  I hate leaving the house around rush hour so we super rarely do by car after nap time.  That makes it the perfect time for bike or scooter rides around the neighborhood.  Luke gets in some exercise and fresh air while I can take lots of pictures of the fall foliage (where do you think I get all my Instagram pictures?).  It's wonderful and he loves it!

4) Apple Cider
I posted about these way back here and, caramel vodka or not, are still my warm beverage of choice in the fall and winter.  A flamingo mug totally makes sense in the cold months. 

5) The fact that it's two week until Thanksgiving and still comfortable to be outside in a jacket.

I mean, seriously.  A first (light) snow by this point would not be crazy around here but instead temps have been in the 50s-60s, even hitting 70 last week.  It's really awesome, especially because we have a kid who declares that he HATES pants and only wants to wear shorts.  So the longer we can put off the daily pants battle the happier we all are.  The picture above of Luke riding his bike in shorts was taken in November on a very comfortable day.  (Although it is throwing off my Christmas baking schedule a little, hard to think about baking Christmas cookies when it's still so nice outside!)

What about you?  What's making you happy this particular season?

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