Friday, January 27, 2017

Things I Like - January

My monthly round-up of 5 things I'm liking, all affiliate link free. =)  See more here!

1) HGTV Magazine
I had been eyeing this for awhile and then happened to see it was on sale for $5 for a year subscription and just so happened to strongly suggest to my husband it would be a good idea/time to buy it for me for Christmas.  Which he, so thoughtfully, did.  I've gotten two issues and love flipping through and seeing so much beautiful inspiration and ideas.  Definitely worth the $5 (probably even $10). It helps fill the HGTV/House Hunters hole in my life after they disappeared from Netflix.

2) The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game
If you have been a visitor to our house since Christmas there is a good chance you've played "The Squirrel Game".  We gave this to Luke for Christmas which I found recommended on, I think, Young House Love.  We've averaged 4 games a day the past month and it actually is fun for all of us.  It's like Hi-Ho Cherry-O (which we also have, from my childhood, but missing a lot of cherries) and super easy to pick up and Luke chants for where he wants the spinner to land.  It's been really fun to play with him.  Plus, it helps with colors, counting, hand-eye coordination, and even a little strategy.  So marginally educational and fun for all!

3) Target fuzzy knee socks

I love knee socks in the winter, wearing some right now, and pretty much constantly besides working out.  They keep my legs warm and I never have that annoying thing with ankle socks, skinny jeans, and riding boots (I get shivers just thinking about that, it sounds horrible).  I had been wearing Matt's tube socks for the last 10 years but those have been slowly wearing out (Luke asked the other day why I had a hole in my sock) and I'm down to just one pair so I had to buy some socks.  I got these (in different colors no longer available) from Target and they are WONDERFUL.  So soft and comfortable and they fit in my boots and under jeans (even with leggings too) and they might be my favorite socks.  I'm kinda glad all my other ones were wearing out!

4) Target White Pitcher
My sister had one of these when we were at a party at her house and I really liked it and decided I "needed" one as well.  And then said sister (or her husband, I forget which) had me in the "sister" gift exchange and gave me one.  When I opened it another sister asked if it was for function or decoration.  Both!  Currently decoration but maybe we'll actually use it come Luke's birthday party.  You know, the only time we usually have people over to eat in the first 6 months of the year...  Maybe I'll buy some flowers for it before then.  AND clean it before putting beverages in it.   So many possibilities.

5) Sinus Rinse Kit
This might be the grossest/strangest thing I've ever shared here.  But it is so wonderful.  Matt bought it years ago and I always made fun of him for it.  Then I spent the last 2 months of 2016 with a horrible cold that I could not get rid of, despite lots of sleep, water, and even prescription meds.  Matt suggested I use this and I was very quickly hooked.  It is a little gross and every time there was a split second feeling of drowning my brain but then you get over it.  It is SO satisfying to see the snot coming out.  I'd get a little too excited about that but, also, I was so congested and miserable that any relief was welcomed.  I used it twice a day for weeks and my sinuses slowly cleared up.  I no longer make fun of Matt for it.  If you get even a little bit of satisfaction out of popping a zit AND you have miserable sinuses, I highly recommend trying this out.

What have YOU been liking this month?

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