Friday, February 10, 2017

{5} Things that Help Me not Hate Winter

As much as I dread winter and the cold feet that come with it, I've come to realize that parts of it aren't so bad.  I sure love the months where we can be outside, open windows, and wear fewer than 5 layers at any given time but in the mean time, a few things I am enjoying about winter:

1) No Yardwork
I like being outside and once I have my hands in the dirt I usually enjoy it.  BUT not having to worry about mowing or weeding or watering or keeping plants alive for a few months is pretty relaxing.  We haven't even had to shovel much snow the past two winters to compensate!

2) Snow + Blue Skies
It's somewhat rare but so pretty when it happens.

3) No Running 
We had a weekend of 60° a few weeks ago and it was WONDERFUL.  I went for a run because it was January and I could do so without freezing or falling on ice.  BUT...I don't really mind our morning schedules not revolving around running.  Even when I was just running 2-3 miles in the fall, somehow it still seemed to take all morning.   I know I'll enjoy it and be so happy to be outside once the weather is right but for now, I'm really liking having our mornings back.

4) Open Calendar
Besides the holidays, we do so much of our socializing and weekend plans May-ish - September-ish.  Our weekends for most of the winter are pretty free, primarily spent at home and I am perfectly ok with that.  It's nice to watch movies together, work on projects, and just be home.  Come spring it'll be nice to be more social again but I really like our winter hibernating too.

5) Spring is better after winter
 I can't imagine spring being quite as sweet when you haven't suffered through winter to get to it.  There is definitely a beauty to the changing seasons and I'm so glad we live somewhere with a noticeable weather difference.  As painful and as cold as it might be, that break from being able to be outside and open windows and do all the things we love to do when the weather is nice, makes me appreciate it all the more when it's time to do it again. 

Benefits to winter?  Whatever it takes to get through the cold!

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