Friday, March 10, 2017

{5} Thoughts

Sometimes it's just nice to write a random blog post. =)  Some things on my mind lately...

1) Matt, as always, gave up all sweets for Lent (among other things) which means Luke and I have been enjoying a full batch of these cookies all on our own.  Luke takes great joy in being "the cookie guy" and passing them out to the two of us after meals.  Also: cookies make really good bribes for finishing a plate.  Whatever it takes to get him to eat his food.  (Tip: we used mini M&Ms this time and I think I like it that way even more than the full-sized ones!)

2) Somehow Luke got into a bunch of my old pictures and really wanted to keep one of me as a kid.  I gave him this one I had doubles of - me at 3.  He decided I needed to go at the top of the stairs and then added the Jim Halpert magnet the next day. "This guy need to sit next to you as a little girl, Mom."  It makes me smile every time I walk up the stairs.

3) As I mentioned, we've been working on getting listed with some more adoption agencies, in addition to the one we've been working with for 5 years.  In filling out another application, I came to this section where we were supposed to list our siblings:

I attached a spreadsheet. 

(For the uninitiated...I'm one of 6 and Matt is one of 10.  4 lines wouldn't work for either of us.)

4) We're in this lovely time of year where the days are getting longer and it's actually light when we are waking up (most mornings).  It's wonderful to not be stumbling around in the dark while still half-asleep.  The evenings are even light long enough that we've been able to play outside decently late.  Until daylight savings hits this weekend.  We'll lose our lovely bright(ish) mornings in exchange for longer evenings.  Which I like but not at the expense of my sunlight in the morning!  If anyone can explain daylight savings to me, I'm all ears.  I still don't get the point.

5) Matt always gets me some sort of dark chocolate for holidays.  These were a random Target pick-up that were really good!  And I could pretend they were healthy because they had almonds, multigrains, and fruit.  Covered in dark chocolate which is totally the healthiest of the chocolates.  (Ignore the 190 calories per serving thing...I'm sure those were all healthy calories.)

What things are rattling around your mind on this Friday?  Happy weekend!

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