Friday, April 21, 2017

{5} Thoughts

Sometimes it's just nice to write down some of these random things rolling around in my head.  It's maybe been that kind of week when that is about all I can handle!  So, from my brain to your eyes.  Happy Friday!

1) Luke and I went for a run on the morning of Good Friday.  It's back to (occasional) stroller runs which mostly just shows me how much better in shape I was last summer when I'd run 4-5 miles with him 3 times a week...right now 2 mile runs with him is killing me.  And I have friends who run much further, some with double strollers.  Crazy impressive!
The last time I ran on Good Friday just so happened to be about 12 hours after he was born, but we didn't know it yet!  Just crazy how life changes.

2) We are back to getting to spend money again and so I've been browsing clothes at my favorite stores and keep finding cute things...and then realizing they are maternity.  I feel like all the cute clothes I want is maternity but I doubt pregnant ladies feel the same?  Maybe I just want what I can't have?  I don't know but it's frustrating!  Maybe a sign I'm not supposed to be buying more clothes...

3) I recently finished the last of the Cookie Dough Truffles which I always save as my last Christmas treat (because they might be my favorite), between other cookies and desserts that I always make in the spring.

I've gotten into the habit of taking a picture of the last truffle I eat every year, mostly to document how long I've made them last.  For reference (I have a tendency to over document...):

April 7, 2017
May 17, 2016
March 21, 2015
June 30, 2014
November 19, 2013

You are welcome, internet, for both knowing AND sharing that knowledge.  I hope your day is better for it.  (And thanks to my super tagging didn't take me long to find all those dates.  Highly recommend, again.)

4) I love winter because we basically hibernate and leave the house as little as possible.  I look forward to being warmer but then also am never in a hurry for our long days and weeks at home to end.  Then it starts to get nicer and I'm always surprised to realize I WANT to be outside and want to see people and want to be social again.  We go through this cycle every year but it still surprises me...every year.  I'm at my homebody-est self in the winter and love it but also really love being outside again in the spring.  I'm so glad we have seasons.

5) A blog I follow recently linked to these distressed jeans...for $88!

Expensive distressed jeans

Matt often likes to tease me about my favorite torn jeans that I wear around the house (and maybe other places) in the spring and fall:

I sent him a link to those jeans so show him that people BUY them looking like that.  Whereas mine cost about $30 almost five years ago, I wore them for over 2 years before they had holes and then more than another 2 years with holes.  So, mine are totally a steal.  I have to admit to recently buying distressed jeans (which I really like!) but not nearly as holey. That, I don't get since I will inevitably wear them out anyways.

What random thoughts would you like to share with the internet?  Anyone want to admit to buying very holey $88 jeans?  Or just $88 jeans...because I'm definitely not spending that...

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