Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Book Love: Dark Matter

I keep saying I don't read much Sci-Fi but then I keep saying that after reading another Sci-Fi-ish book.  As in I've said it multiple times because I've read multiple in that genre.  That might be partially (largely) due to my continued attempts at finding books I think my husband will enjoy.  He's not a big reader.  In our first 14 years together I can come up with 5 books he read.  Four of those on my recommendation (or just stealing my new Harry Potter book). 

But NOW he's on his second book for the year and I really think he'd enjoy this one as well (I've informed him I've started a "to-read" list for him in our library app.  I was definitely more excited about this than he was.).

My only context for Dark Matter before beginning this book was a story line on the second (and final) season of Agent Carter, on tv a year ago.  I never even came close to understanding it and all that real science-y science stuff just makes my head spin (like black holes, I can't devote any brain space to those because all rational and real thoughts go out the window and I can't even think.  Scientist I am not.)

BUT, this was sci-fi without being unaccessible to people like me who aren't real science-y.  There were some terms I had previously only heard of when watching Big Bang Theory but I didn't really need to understand any of those things to get the story line or to be sucked in. (String theory?  I don't get you.)

This is the story of a man, Jason, who is abducted by a masked man, at gunpoint.  The next thing he knows he's waking up, surrounded by people very eager to talk to him and get his whole story but he has no clue why they are so interested in him, where he is, and what happened to the wife and son he had.  His old life seems to be completely gone.  It wasn't a remarkable life, average job, "normal" marriage (because what really classifies as "normal"?), no huge accomplishments or rewards.  Just average all around.  Nothing enviable but, yet, he'd do anything to get it back. 

It's quite the journey to get there.  Does it make it? 

Reading the abduction scenes (which starts about page 10, no real spoilers here) late at night in a dark house was maybe not my best choice but it was (mostly?) less dark after that.  There were many twists that I didn't see coming and it was hard for me to put down.  I'd look down at the page numbers and was continuely shocked that I was 15-20 pages further along than I felt like I was 5 minutes earlier.  I generally read 50 pages at the start of quiet time every day but I read 100 straight to finish this just because I had to know what would happen. 

This book is not similar to much of what I read but I still really enjoyed it and kept telling my husband I thought he would to, pretty much every time I picked it up in his vicinity.  It was thrilling, interesting, and suspenseful.  Definitely recommend to anyone who likes sci-fi or would like to try something outside the norm!  It was quite the read.

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