Friday, April 7, 2017

Looking Back at March

March always feels like a bit of a transition month.  It's not fully winter but not fully spring.  Sometimes we can be outside (comfortably) and sometimes it's snowing.  Besides Luke's birthday (and Easter, on those rare years it falls in March) and St. Patrick's Day (on those rare years I don't give up booze for Lent), I'm not much of a fan.  It's just kinda a blah month. 

In a 3 week period starting the last weekend in February and going through mid-March I put 1500 miles on the car just in 4 long trips - a non-profit board meeting, an adoption meeting, visiting friends and going to IKEA, and our impulse ski trip.  It was A LOT of hours in the car, some alone, some just Luke and I, some all three of us.  But it was a lot of fun adventures or at least good things.  

On a side note, I've mentioned multiple times lately (most notably here) about how we're working on listing with more adoption agencies and in March we got two applications sent in, our home study sent three places (two being the places with the applications), and made a whole new profile book.  Now we are back in the waiting stage BUT further along than we were a month ago.  So, yay??

1) Luke's been on a huge Berenstain Bear kick lately, one a fully support since they were my favorite books as a kid.  Once he gets his Easter present (which may feature some Bear books), I will finally fulfill my childhood dream of owning ALL the books on the back of the covers of my childhood.  I am pretty excited about this.
2) Using the bathroom at IKEA and Luke decided this seat was just for Lemur.  Lemur's been to IKEA more than my husband.
3) SNOW!  My favorite things about snow are how pretty it is and how much Luke enjoys playing in it...on his own.
4) No snow, probably a day later.  That's March!
5) Skiing!  We went on a super spontaneous ski trip because of a St. Patrick's Day deal that made it only $54 for all 3 of us to rent and ski.  Trying to teach a 3 year old to ski is exhausting and hilarious...
6) ...And nerve wracking when ski lifts are involved.
7) Luke just told me today how he wasn't very good at the bunny hills but he was good at the big hills...because we skiied with him like this.  He would have kept going for longer but Matt and I were waaaaay too tired and sore!  Still, a fantastic family adventure.
8) I've celebrated NSA day every March 21st for over half my life.  This on repeat, every year. 
9) Coloring!  It's not exactly coloring my way to calm when there are so many lines to fill in! (This book.)
10) Reading on the porch - a good book and a hot beverage.  One of my happy places.
11) Bike ride to the downtown library!  Seriously one of my all-time favorite family activities.
12) Downtown sunflare on that same lovely afternoon.
13) Without a couch, apparently this is the most comfortable way to watch his Saturday morning cartoons.  (And he still hasn't forgiven my little sister for taking them.)
14) My flowers are blooming!  I'm always shocked when something lives through the winter.
15) I've been accused of always having a perfectly clean house.  We have a 4 year old.  Kids make messes.  Luckily, said kid is also getting better about cleaning those up.
16) Putt-putting with Luke on his birthday.  It's hilarious.  He gets a little better every year!

Blog posts I myself made this month (it's worth it having a blog, just to have all these at such easy access!):

Books finished: 14 for the month, 47 for the year.   
Things sewn:  nothing!  I'm taking a break and letting my stock clean-up a little bit!
Miles ran:  4.36...I intended to run more...then it was cold...and I got sick right as the weather started to warm up and doing one run while I was so stuffed up I could hardly breath was enough.
Things added to the garage sale pile: 19...and realized we have our sale in about a month so I need to get to purging!
Currently watching: Matt and I are getting close to finishing season 2 of Lost and I FINALLY finished Hart of Dixie.  You guys, just like The OC, the 4th season might be my favorite.  I might be rewatching it. 
Most read post this month: As always, March Quick Lit.  Then Book Love: The Sea of Tranquility.
Luke's current favorite song: VeggieTales "Pants" is still very much a favorite.  We listen to it A LOT.

Highlights from your month?  Looking for ski tips with a 3 year old? (Not going to find that here!  Once again, as in so much of parenting, we felt like we barely knew what we were doing.)

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