Friday, May 19, 2017

{5} Summer Things

It's almost summer!  Actually has really felt like summer the last few days (mid-80s!) even though it was about 44° just two weeks ago (#Indianaweather).  I hate small talk about the weather (hate small talk in general) but the wonderful feeling of not being constantly cold, having windows open, being's pretty hard to ignore.  I love summer.

A few little things that make me happy about summer, putting aside the big things like lake trips and vacations.  Mostly small things at home that made this season all that more enjoyable!

1) Fresh Produce (Berries)

Our fruit in the winter is mostly limited to oranges, bananas, and canned peaches and pears. I try to mostly buy what's in season (what's on sale) which means in the summer we get all kinds of fresh produce, namely berries, that is just so wonderful.  I could easily eat a container of blueberries in one sitting (and I'm pretty sure I have).  We eat pounds of strawberries in June and I buy raspberries and blackberries whenever they are on sale.  My backyard bushes don't produce enough for us (not by a long shot) but it's a start.  Summer is the best season for fruit.

2) Bike Rides
I have all my running to thank for that tan...

I've mentioned many times that we live easy bike ride distance from our downtown and we will ride down there about once a week in the summer.  We ride to baseball games, the main branch of our library, or just around the parks.  It's a wonderful way to get some family time and explore our city!  And save on parking.  Also very important. 

3) The Drive-In

Definitely very high on our list of favorite things about summer.  We don't go nearly as often as we used to (record: 10 times in one year, I have a spreadsheet to track, naturally.  Which is also how I can tell you this was our 46th drive-in trip in 11 years of marriage, excluding going a week before the wedding, of course).  There is just something so perfectly summery about going to the drive-in, wrapping up in blankets, and enjoying a movie, good or bad, under the stars.  I cannot recommend highly enough.

4) Sun Tea

I drink a lot of sun tea in the summer.  A lot a lot.  I don't ever make sweet tea besides in the summer, on my back steps (or sometimes at the lake).  It is the perfect summer drink.  Costs about 50 cents for a gallon, practically no time, and is delicious.  I enjoy it so much.

5) Backyard pool sitting

This is in my top 5 favorite SAHM activities ever.  Luke gets to play in the pool, I get to put my feet in the water and read.  We both get sun and fresh air.  It is the best way to spend a hot afternoon at home, even when Luke gets very splashy. 

What are some of your favorite little pleasures of summer?  There are almost too many.  Ahhhhh....

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