Monday, May 22, 2017

Lessons in Adulting: Never Pass up the Opportunity to Pee

Sometimes the simplest lessons are the most obvious.  And sometimes the most obvious lessons take the longest to learn.  (Well, not the longest.  I'm sure I have plenty more lessons to learn in my life!)

Here's the thing.  You never hear anyone say "I wish I hadn't taken that opportunity to use the bathroom."  Nobody ever says that.  Ever.

Especially on long road trips or road trips of any real length or when traveling or even just sharing one bathroom with two other people.  You never regret that.  I mean, I might regret going into the bathroom at some point....mainly when a little boy misses the toilet (Is his aim that bad?  Eyesight?  Just likes to miss for fun?  I don't have any (non in-law) brothers!  I missed out on all this growing up!) but I never regret taking an opportunity to use the bathroom.  Or making a little boy use the bathroom. 

Every time we stop on a road trip.  Every time we are leaving the house.  Right before boarding flights. Especially because I've been trying to drink more water and seem to go often.

Also, just get up and go anytime you wake up in the middle of the night with the urge.  I've tried to fall back asleep and then just end up in restless sleep until I finally get up and go.  Just get up immediately, and then get back to the good sleep.  

Never pass up the opportunity.  Your future self will thank you.

Random little lessons in adulting.  And the little lessons might be some of the most important.

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