Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ThredUp Box #10

I was a little surprised when I realized I've ordered 10 boxes from ThredUp already, in less than a year!  Here's my original post about loving shopping there and while I've slowed down a little, mainly because I'm trying to buy less (and stick to my list better), it's still one of my favorite and first places to shop for my clothes. 

Between giving up discretionary spending for Lent and just a general trying to buy less (I say that having bought 3 large rugs and 4 rug pads in the last 24 hours...), I have been doing much better about my shopping, even before returns!  Huge progress for me!  AND, I stuck with my spring/summer shopping list for all of these so I'm pretty proud of myself right now.  Let's see if I can keep up the restraint all summer!.

(Same as last time, all retail prices per ThredUp.)

1) BCBG MaxAzaria Sleeveless Blouse
Retail: $158 | I paid: $10.99

I may have been lured in by the high original price.  It fit and I was tempted to keep it but I couldn't come up with a single place I'd wear it.  Maybe if it was in a different color?  I could only think of wearing it with white jeans which I don't wear super often.  So back it went.  If the retail price is right, it's one of the pricier items I've ever put on!

2) J. Crew Linen T-Shirt
Retail: $50 | I paid: 20.99
More short sleeved shirts was on my list and I like all the blues but this just didn't fit well, too wide, not long enough.  And I don't think I've ever owned linen before?  Isn't it hard to clean?  That doesn't work well with my "constantly with a 4 year old boy" lifestyle!  Back it went!

3) Express Short Sleeve Blouse
Retail: $50 | I paid: $18.99

Not technically on my list but more dressy/church appropriate shirts always kinda are.  I like the colors and pattern...but couldn't even get it over my shoulders.  Back it went (I swear I didn't return everything!).

4) Willi Smith Lace Top
Retail: $18 | I paid: $7.99

I was very tempted to keep this one because I get a lot of wear out of the white lace top and a blue crocheted one, both from ThredUp last year.  But this one didn't seem as nice of quality (I found a few spots that could have used some repairs already) and right at the shoulders the "lace" was strange that it looked ripped, even though it wasn't.  So back it went.  Although I'm definitely on the lookout for another lace top in another color!

5) Gap Short Sleeved Tee
Retail: $25 | I paid: $7.99

I know, a plain grey tee from Gap.  I could easily buy one for the same price from the store, brand-new.  But we don't have a Gap here anymore and I rarely order from them/Old Navy and this showed up for cheap and fit well.  So I kept it.  Basics aren't bad.

6) J. Crew Short Sleeved (Navy) Tee
Retail: $50 | I paid: $12.99
This is something I've been looking for for almost 2 years!  And checks #5 off my list!  I put it on and said "This is what I've been looking for!" to myself, in the mirror.  I mean, not perfect.  It's a little sparkley around the neck (but then I don't usually consider sparkles a bad thing) and has a front pocket (something I usually avoid) but neither were enough to deter me.  I very excitedly kept this.  I know, the little things.

7) Express Short Sleeve Shirt
Retail: $20 | I paid: $7.99

Hoping for a basic striped tee but it was too wide/not long enough.  Weird fit.  Back it went.

And that's it!  Used up most of my store credit (although much is going back), got free shipping, and found two winners totaling $22!  I stuck to my list! 

Have you tried ThredUp?  I read about for months before I finally placed my first order and while I return more than I keep, I've found some serious winners and improved my closet (beyond the usual Target and Old Navy) along the way!  If you haven't and you are interested, here's my referral link which gets you and I $10 shopping credit.  But I'd be sharing this regardless.  It's my favorite place to shop!!

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