Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Update to Clothes Shopping List - Fall 2016

Back in February (7 months ago) I posted a list of all the clothes I hoped to buy over the next 5-6 months.

Good news: I've bought almost everything on that list.

Bad news: I've bought other things too.

In the interest of updates, making lists, and writing about things I like to write about...here's how sticking to that list went (and didn't go).

1) Nice summer dress for niece's wedding   

Found on ThredUp.  I think I'm going to get it altered (a first for me besides my wedding dress!) because it's a little big but I still really like it.  And got it cheap enough that I think alterations are worth it.  

2) Chunky Heeled Sandals
Bought these from Target, as mentioned here.  And I do wear them to work, just like I said to justify the purchase!
3) Cross Body Purse
"Matt" bought me this one for Easter, as mentioned here.

4) Swimsuit
That's a really horrible merge.  I am sorry.
After buying A LOT of pieces (which I believe is totally justified for swimsuits because fit seems extra important!).  I finally settled on this top and bottom (in royalty blue).  That's a really horrible picture of them together...but still better than putting a picture of myself in a swimsuit on the internet (you are welcome, internet, for saving you that).

5) Field Jacket

I did buy the Target utility jacket I showed in my original post and then wore it all over New York and Holland and at home!  It's great for something nicer than my old fleece and helps on chilly, but not cold, days.  And it packs well.  I haven't worn it in months (don't need it in the summer!) but will start again soon!

6) Walking Tennies 

After buying and returning an impulse purchase (the top ones on my February post, which I still like...just still don't think they would go with as much) I ended up with these, New Balance 620s from 6pm.com.  I still don't love love them but they served me very well in New York although I'm not sure I've worn them since (it did get pretty warm after that trip).  I do plan on wearing them more this fall.  Hard to think about when it's currently 95° and 1000% humidity right now! (As I write this...probably not by the time it posts.)

7) Green Pants

Hah!  I didn't buy these!  I decided later that I would rather have white jeans (I know, maybe silly as a mom to a messy preschooler) and ended up with these from Target (which I already own in 2 different colors/washes).   I haven't worn them yet because, not to go all TMI, but I realized I did not have any underwear that wouldn't been seen through them (they aren't super see through but enough that I finally bought my first pair of beige underwear).  Don't worry, I'm not going to link or show you the underwear I did buy.  Because that would be really weird.  (As if mentioning it isn't weird enough.)

Now, in the interest of full-disclosure, the other things I bought...

Faded Glory layering tanks (2) | Merona boatneck tee  | Mossimo striped t-shirt (mentioned here) | Mossimo Sonora sandals (mentioned here)

Mossimo v-neck | Merona ¾ sleeve tunic (mentioned here) | Mossimo mid-rise jeggings (a replacement) | Mossimo jean shorts (a replacement) | Merona blue/green sundress (mentioned here)

Nine West navy striped dress (ThredUp purchase) | sunglasses (replaced ones that broke after 6 years!)

Old Navy sleeveless top (ThredUp purchase) | Lace t-shirt (ThredUp purchase, mentioned here) | Zebra print top (ThredUp purchase) | Nordstrom long sleeved tee (during their famed NSale with reward points) | J Crew tank top (ThredUp purchase)

As well as a tank top from Old Navy that is no longer on their website and a skirt I sewed myself and threw across the room more than once in frustration.

Three things were to replace items that either broke, wore out, or didn't fit right.  So 19 total extra purchases, three of which were replacements, and every single one (besides sunglasses) that were on sale.  That's not horrible, right?  I mean, not great when I was aiming under 10 but certainly could have been worse. 

Maybe this was half a win?  Even though I didn’t add it to my original list I am always on the lookout for tank tops, and bought many from Target and Old Navy but only keeping one, besides a few from ThredUp.  And building up my inventory a little of dressier tops for church, work, or other dressy occasions.  Those are both things I bought through ThredUp and am still pleased with the deals and items I got.  My minimalist side would really like it if I could stick with my list but I also know it’s not likely to happen.  I am hoping I can do better for the fall and winter.  I wear more layers this time of year but also tend to wear the same outfit for a whole day, unlike summer where I could wear 7 outfits in a day (pjs, workout, running, regular clothes, sit by the pool clothes, lounge clothes, pjs).

With all that in mind, I still have a list for the fall and winter and have already been sticking to it…which isn’t much of an accomplishment considering it’s only mid-September…

1. Navy and white cable knit, crew neck sweaters

I’m heavily considering these from LL Bean, not having much luck with sweaters from Target and Old Navy.  Definitely more than I usually spend but hoping that also means higher quality and longer lasting.  I have good sweaters in grey (from Gap) and black (Old Navy) so I think these last two colors would round out my thick sweaters for the winter.

2. Another pair of booties
I liked my Old Navy booties so much last year that I bought the same pair in black this year.  

3. Nice dress for nephew’s wedding.
all from ThredUp

I have one in contention but, of course, will be keeping my eye on ThredUp over the next few weeks to see if anything else great pops up!

4. Colored heels (maybe)
1 | 2 | 3

I have a decent stock of summer wedges that I wear often but mostly stick with boots, both riding and booties, for the fall/winter.  It’d be nice to have something in-between, I think.  I’m leaning towards a cobalt blue but all depends on what I can find.

5. Dress for Christmas (maybe)
all from ThredUp

This all comes down to ThredUp.  I have no idea what I’m really looking for here but if I find something in my price range then I’m not going to feel bad about ordering it!  Or, well, at least keeping it.  I have no problem ordering anything, it’s when it’s gets here and I have to decide what to do with it that I have problems!

6. Plaid flannel shirt (maybe)

This might sound weird...but I don't own a single item of clothing with buttons other than some coats and jeans.  But I like the idea of a nice flannel shirt for fall?  I think?  Haha...I can be very picky about clothes.  This one from Old Navy is a front runner (although it has since sold out online in this color...I think I'll have to try in stores).  We'll see if it happens.

And that's it!  Another 6 things I plan to buy for the next season...hopefully I can buy less than an additional 19...much much less!

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