Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lessons in Adulting: Water, Always Water

It might seem obvious but water really is the answer to so much.  So obvious it took me until my 30s to actually, regularly, drink my recommended ounces for the day.

And you know what?  I feel a lot better when I drink a lot of water.  I can tell if I haven't.

I'm aiming for around 90 ounces a day.  More on days when I run or when it's really hot (like it has been recently).

I aim to drink a whole water bottle (mine is 22 ounces) within my first hour of waking.

Almost every weekday I get up and workout right away and that makes this "drink a lot of water" thing easier (get hot sweating in the basement!).  Then I started noticing how thirsty I was on weekend mornings when I wasn't drinking all that water first thing.  So I started drinking a whole water bottle on those mornings too. (Especially when there was, maybe, alcohol consumed the night before).

My general plan: 22 ounces while working out, another 22 ounces by lunch, a glass on sun tea during quiet time, 22 ounces by the time Luke is in bed, 22 ounces after he's in bed.  I know when I need to be filling up my water bottle again and that gets me drinking it down.  

It helps me wake up, it helps me feel better after eating too much, it helps me avoid hangovers.  I feel better when I stay hydrated.  (Also helping avoid hangovers, alternating 22 ounces of water with every alcoholic drink...that helps a lot.)

It seems so basic, so easy but can be hard to do.  I definitely encourage you to try to start the habit.  Your body (and maybe your mind) will thank you.

(I have this Contigo water bottle which has worked out great for me the past year!  I have it with me pretty much all the time.  Church and our 1/2 block walk to the library are about the only times I don't!)

(Lessons in Adulting #1, which might tie into this one...a bit...)

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