Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Book Love: Castle of Water by Dane Hucklebridge

When I write book reviews here for books I've really enjoyed, it almost always for non-fiction.  I read more fiction books (about 70% fiction, 30% non last year) and while I like a large majority of them, few move me to write about it.  Five of the last five books I've dedicated a whole post to have been non-fiction. 

Liking any book is very subjective and can depend greatly on the time of year reading it, the experience of reading it, and what I read before and after.  Plus, my life experiences will greatly influence how much I like something.  While I might love a book, you might detest it.  It's all so subjective (and would be so boring if we all thought the same).

This book, Castle of Water by Dane Hucklebridge, sounded appealing from the first time I heard about it: two people end up on a deserted island.  What happens next?!?!?

The husband and I started a rewatch of Lost over a year ago, took a long break to rewatch The Office and now are back to Lost (which we last watched 5 years ago, finishing the night before we brought out first son home from the hospital, which is extra strange timing to be rewatching now). 

Reading this book, about two people who survive a plane crash in the Pacific, in the midst of rewatching that show, about a group of people who survive a plane crash on an island in the Pacific, was a little strange.  I was recommending it to my husband who asked if it was at all like Lost.  There's no smoke monster or Others, or time travel...so not really.  But the combination does have me wanting to avoid planes for awhile...

So here's what happens, most of which happens in the first few chapters and/or on the book flap:

Sophie is on her honeymoon with her new husband.  They are flying to a very remote island which was the home of her favorite singer.

Barry gave up Wall Street and is flying to a very remote island which was the home of his favorite painter.

The plane crashes.

The are the only survivors.

The end up on a very small, deserted island and just want to survive.  They have no good options for escape.  Are nowhere near any inhabited islands, and have little hope of being rescued.

It was fascinating.

I sincerely hope I never live out this story (and given how infrequently I fly in the South Pacific (never?) it's unlikely.  But this book made it all seem so real but also terrifying.

There are banana trees they can eat.  There are birds nesting on the island.  And, given that it's an island, they are surrounded by fish.  But there is a tropical storm headed their way, a vicious octopus, and Barry's propensity to lose his contacts. 

Can they survive?

Full disclosure: there is a few paragraphs about 2/3 through the book that made me hesitant to recommend...but other than that, I found the book hard to put down.  I wanted to know how they would survive, if they would ever get off the island.  It was captivating and exciting.  And made me super glad to be reading it from the comforts of my couch. 

If you are interested in survival stories or unlikely friendships or just want to feel a lot better about your current situation (at least you aren't stranded on a deserted island!), you might enjoy this.  It's early in the year but in contention for one of my favorite reads.

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