Friday, June 29, 2018

Books Luke Likes - 5¼

At the end of most month I share 5 things I've been liking lately.  At the end of each quarter I share 5 books my son has been liking lately.  Or, sometimes, it's picture books that I've really liked but maybe he wasn't crazy about but I felt were well done and, maybe, educational.  But largely the books he's asked for many times before I finally get sick of them and return to the library. 

With the new baby (almost 4 months is still a "new" baby, right?) we don't read as much as I would like/we used to but all three of us (my two sons and myself) managed to finish the summer reading program at the library in less than 3 weeks.  So still a decent amount of reading happening here. 

Before I know it I'll be writing this list of 5 books Luke has read to me!  That day really, shouldn't be too far off with kindergarten happening very very soon!  And within a year our baby Sam might have book preferences too!  Life is changing!  Crazy that kids just keep growing.  Hahaha.

(Need more summer picture book reading?  I wrote a list of 100 we enjoyed last summer!  Hoped to do the same this summer but  He's my excuse for pretty much everything.)

Curious George Goes Camping by Margret & H.A. Rey
We've been reading a lot of Curious George lately and this one was a favorite.  I don't know if it's because Luke remembers going camping (...when he was 3) or if it's because there is a fire?  I'm not sure but Luke really enjoyed it.  The Man in the Yellow Hat takes George camping and, of course, George doesn't do what he's supposed to.  Come to think of it...I hope this isn't giving Luke any ideas for when we do go camping next...

Hedgehugs by Steve Wilson
I thought this was a super cute story about two hedgehogs who just want to hug but they are just too spikey!  Through the seasons they kept trying to come up with ways to hug around their quills, snow didn't work, flowers did work, what will??

On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole
Caroline lives on a street called Meadowview but there is a problem.  There is no view of a meadow!  So she decides they need to fix that.  Inspires me to want to take up our landscaping a notch, probably inspires Luke to want to dig up our yard.

Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones
Izzy finds a bird with a broken wing and wants to help it fly again.  But her ways to helping the bird turn into breaking a lot of other things for parts.  Perfect for my boy who likes to tinker, as long as he doesn't start tearing things apart!  Also, we don't need to touch hurt birds.

What About Moose? by Corey Rosen Schwartz 
A bunch of animal friends want to build a treehouse together and Moose just gets really bossy about it.  The other animals just want to follow their plan but then things go a little awry!

What good picture books have you been reading?? I'm always up for more suggestions!

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