Friday, July 20, 2018

On Fridays I Wear Blue

In the last few years I've been reading more about decision fatigue and how we have a limit of how many good decisions we can make in a day.  I love a good routine and have been trying to streamline so many of the mundane parts of life.  The more things I do automatically the more I can save my decision making muscle for the things that matter.

(For example, I never waste brain space mentally debating if I should brush my teeth in the morning or before bed.  I just do it.  It's routine, it's habit, no decision making necessary!)

This is why I have a job schedule, why I work out every weekday morning, and why I read at the start of quiet time every day.  Things I don't really think about, I just do.

Last winter I bought a blue sweater that I really liked (seen here).  I wanted to wear it every week but know when it needed washed.  Then a lightbulb went off.  I would wear my blue sweater on Fridays.  Everyone knows Fridays are the best weekday.  It's a day we purposely don't leave the house besides walking to the library (until evening sometimes, like going to the lake or the drive-in).  On Fridays I eat my favorite scones, stay home, read more and blog less during quiet time.  And now, I was going to wear blue.

This was revolutionary in my mind. I would get to wear my new favorite sweater every week.  I knew when I would wear it.  And I got a small thrill out of pulling it out every Thursday evening when getting my clothes ready for the next day.  I never had to think about what to wear.  I just wore my blue sweater (and pants, obviously).


Then the weather warmed up and I expanded my blue shirt wardrobe (all ThredUp finds!).  I probably need one more option, something between sweater and t-shirt but otherwise, I feel pretty good about my Friday wardrobe.  I never have to think about it.

I like the idea of a clothing uniform and I probably have a loose one of sorts (crew neck sweaters in the winter, v-neck t-shirts or tank tops in the summer).  I've been playing with the idea of having a similar uniform for other days but don't know if that would work.  At least one day a week I don't have to think about what to wear. 

On Fridays, I just wear blue.

How do YOU minimize decision making?  Do you wear a "uniform"?  What do you do without thinking?

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