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Quick Lit - August

Welcome to August Quick Lit!  I really thought this was July until I looked at the handy title I had already filled in.  Even though our older son started kindergarten this week which is just CRAZY!  Also crazy how now that big brother is gone the baby has decided he doesn't need to nap.  So all that time I thought I would have....NOPE.

Been fitting in a lot of reading, a lot of re-reading, and many trips to the library.  I think we average about twice a week.  Here's what I've been reading lately!

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Peculiar Treasures, On a Whim, Coming Attractions, Finally and Forever by Robin Jones Gunn
I have a deep affection for all of Robin's (it feels like we are friends on a first name basis) books about the Forever Friends.  I reread the earlier series last year and this year tackled the later (in the last 10 years) series.  Largely on my phone while feeding a baby.   These are about Christy's friend Katie and I loved her and Eli's love story even more this time though.  I devoured these, even when I had books on my actual list to read.  So delightful. 4.25 Stars

Emergency Contact by Mary H. K. Choi 
Less delightful was this one. I just couldn't get into it, but have felt like that about a lot of YA this year so maybe I'm (finally) aging out of it??  Two teens somewhat randomly meet and somewhat randomly make each other their emergency contact in their phones.  Their lives keep intersecting.  It was fine but I just wasn't too interested in any of the characters. 2.75 Stars

The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious - and Perplexing - City by David Lebovitz
This was my 100th finished book for the year and I finished it the day my youngest sister was jetting off to Paris with her husband.  Pretty obvious which one of us was having a better Paris experience that week (it wasn't me).  I've read a few of his other books, especially love his ice cream recipe book.  I love books about Paris, about people moving to Paris, and about food in Paris so this was bound to be enjoyable for me.  Although it also made me glad I am never moving to Paris even though I certainly wouldn't mind another visit. 3.5 Stars

The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn
I liked this one more than expected!  A rich couple living in an affluent suburb of NYC (I love reading stories set in those) decides to have an open marriage for 6 months.  Things happen.  Let's state the obvious, we are never having an open marriage.  But it was fascinating to read about one!  And all the drama.  It was fun.    3.75 Stars

Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, Hawaii by Robin Jones Gunn
A LOT of RJG books on the list this month.  This is one of my all-time favorites of hers, about Christy's friend Sierra and her vacation to Hawaii where she meets a guy.  Romance ensues.  This is the only book in this massive sets of series where you read from the guy's perspective too and it's just refreshing to see both sides instead of always just wondering what he's thinking.  Also, Hawaii.  Not a bad place to vacation or read about. 4.75 Stars

Something Blue by Emily Giffin
I reread Something Borrowed on our NYC trip this spring and knew I'd be rereading this one again soon too.  I never like Darcy in Something Borrowed but always end up liking her by the end of Something Blue.  These are charmingly dated now (published in the mid-00s) but still so fun.  These two are her best two books.  Chick lit but not dumb chick lit.  4 Stars

Forever With You, Home of Our Hearts, One More Wish by Robin Jones Gunn
Oh hey, more books about the Forever Friends.  Not kidding when I said I devoured all 11 of these in just over a month.  These are Christy & Todd: the Married Years and it's such a shift in perspective.  I get a little annoyed with them sometimes, waffling on decisions, having jobs you maybe should grow out of with a college degree, and spending money on take-out and cable when they frequently talk about money problems.  Also, Sunday morning church seems to be VERY optional for people who profess to be God Lovers.  BUT, I still love reading about them.   4 Stars

The Beach Club by Elin Hilderbrand
Another reread but long ago enough that I forgot how it ended.  Her earliest books are a lot different than the later ones and while this is also charmingly outdated (early 00s?) it's still a really fun beach read.  It takes place at a beach club/hotel on Nantucket.  It's perfect for reading at the beach.  3.5 Stars

Sandy Toes, Salty Kisses, and Sunset Lullaby by Robin Jones Gunn
I swear, I am done with RJG books after this set.  I mean, for this year, not forever.  These are Christy & Todd: The Baby Years and I found reading about Christy's mothering problems very relatable.  Would I read Christy & Todd: The Retirement Years?  Yes, yes I would.   4 Stars

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy
I heard this one talked about so many places that I had to read it.  A group of mothers who babies were all born in May of whatever year have a Moms group.  Then a baby goes missing when they are (mostly) all out for a night of fun together.  It wasn't a thriller but definitely some darker elements to it. 2.75 Stars

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Another YA I just couldn't connect with.  Single politician Mom with two daughters lives next door to a family of 7 (??) kids whom she despises.  One of her daughters befriends one of the boys next door.  They have to hide their romance.  Things happen.  It was ok but I just wasn't sucked in like I was hoping to be.  Also, distracted by Christy & Todd: The Baby Years. 2.75 Stars

The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams 
My favorite of hers in a few years but still didn't pull me in like her earlier books (maybe I just don't get pulled into books anymore???)  Flashes between multiple time periods on an island off the coast of New York? Connecticut?  Somewhere New England-y.  Someone was killed in the middle timeline and the convicted killer has escaped from prison some ~17 years later.  It's not a thriller, however I made that sound.  It's like many of her books: family drama, historical elements, multiple time periods, strong females, romantic males.  I've read them all and liked some more than others.  3.75 Stars

WHEW.  What have you been reading lately?  Really, I'm nosy and I want to know! Also because I envision myself having ALL this reading time now and I need to fill it.

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