Thursday, July 30, 2015

Honest truths

This is his cheese face.
There is this thing about the internet where people seem to want to present themselves as perfect, perfect children, perfect house, perfect life adventures, blah blah blah.  Nobody is perfect, we all know that but it's easy to forget when looking at pretty pictures (NOT that I have great pictures).  I feel like I try a bunch of different things (crafting! baking! food from scratch! decorating! sewing! being green! parenting! kid crafts!) and don't really excel at any of them.  Someday I'll figure some of it out.  Here are some things I don't even pretend that I'm good at:

1) I don't pay enough attention to the news, getting most of it from the Facebook trending topics which I KNOW is about the worst possible place to get it.  Or other things that pop up in e-mails or social media.  And I vote.  I'm kinda sorry but not really.  I pay enough attention then.  (Although, I read an article somewhere recently that said a lot of people do this...which is a little frightening...even though I do too).

2) If I spend more than 2 minutes on my hair daily (with one or two exceptions a month) then I consider it massive time wasted.  I have thick, sometimes wavy, mostly frizzy hair.  I should have figured it out by age 30 but I haven't.  It's usually pulled back

3) I don't like going to the park and basically only take Luke if we set it up with someone else.  I think I've taken him once on my own.  He's two.

4) I have one pair of skinny jeans I really really love and they have holes.  But, in the right weather, I wear them a lot (like daily) and only wash them maybe once a month.  My jean shorts (which get a lot of wear in the summer, including as I type this) meet the same fate this time of year. 

5) I try to be green but we are certainly not perfect and no experts.  We have a jet ski for goodness sake.  You can justify using gas in your car but the only reason we use the jet ski is for pure enjoyment.  That's not very green.

6) Things I don't clean:
     -I spot clean once a week but in 9+ years we've only cleaned all the windows inside and out once, and that was about 5 years after moving in.
     -I've never cleaned any of our screens.  I think one still has a large paint drip on it from our house painting project...7 years ago.
     -I've never cleaned the inside of our recycle or trash bins.
     -Are you supposed to wash curtains?  I never have but I guess all our washable ones have only been up two years so I'm not horribly behind there.
     -I've cleaned the back of the fridge once and that was only because we
moved it to put in new kitchen floor (4 years ago).

7) I've only defrosted our deep freeze once and that was because of 3 days without power.  I always mean too but it never seems to empty enough. 

8) Food I've given up making from scratch:
   -cheddar cheese soup (I love the canned Campbell's stuff)
   -waffles (our $8 waffle iron was too big of a pain to clean, I'm fine with toaster waffles)
   -hot dog buns (finally giving up on my 2+ years of making all our bread...that was honestly hard to do, feel free to roll your eyes)
   -refried beans (I keep meaning to try this....)
   -pizza sauce (mine always seemed to make the crust too soggy)

9) I get pretty excited when I wear clothes that isn't from Target or Old Navy (besides undergarments) or isn't a basic t-shirt from vacation or something (which is what I'm wearing right now).  If I can wear stuff from like 4 different stores I'm pretty proud of myself.

Vacation t-shirt wearing...
10)  Sometimes I take an extended bathroom break to get a few minutes to myself and read some blogs.  We all do this, right?  Right???

Ok, now somebody else needs to spill some stuff. 

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