Monday, July 19, 2010

And yet another work night at the lake

Thursday was yet another work day at the lake.  Some of Matt's sisters went up with their kids in the afternoon to work on mudding & sanding the ceiling.  Matt & I and some of his (older) nephews went up after work.  Mudded the ceiling until we ran out of mud and then worked on cleaning the floor.  After Matt's sisters left (kids to get home and all) we started to work on the floor leveler.  And by "we" I mean I watched while Matt & the boys did the work.  I had the exhausting job of going on a pizza run (took 45 minutes) and taking pictures.  Like I said, exhausting.  It took longer than expected and apparently wasn't much fun.

Boys working on the floor

All the drills were dying so Matt tried to mix it with his hand.

Our mess outside the cottage

10:30pm - finished

Late night working at the lake and we'd all be back in about 40 hours for more work.  Getting somewhere on this project though and that feels good.

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