Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lake project is DONE

I didn't think it was possible, but by 5pm on Sunday the lake project was DONE.  Saturday night I thought that was impossible, Sunday morning I thought maybe, and then, somehow, it all came together and it's DONE.

Friday I met some of my sister-in-laws at Lowes to go over paint color and some lake stuff.  Saturday a bunch of us headed up and it didn't take long to figure out the floor wasn't ready.  Matt and his brother worked on a solution.  In the meantime some of us tore out a wall behind the kitchen cabinets, just for something to do.  (And because it needed done.)

Had to do round 3 of floor prep (after filling cracks and leveling) which we started around 3:30.  Luckily that dried pretty fast and by the time they got across the cottage the first part was ok to walk on. 

That was all finished by 6 and we started on the wall behind the sink again, getting metal flashing up to keep animals out.

Matt's sister and brother-in-law were up in the afternoon and they did a lot of work (all the work) on painting the kitchen cabinet and some electrical stuff I don't understand but apparently it's better now.

We all went to church at 7:30 and then back to the cottage for more work.  Matt grilled up burgers and we went back to the ceiling.  Had it sanded and a coat of primer on by the time the lake fireworks started at 10.  We all walked out to the beach to watch.  It was a pretty impressive show for the lake!!

It was very pretty to see them reflecting in the water

After the fireworks it was back to work for all the adults.  By 12:30 we had bead board up behind most of the sink area, the ceiling completely painted, and the lights back on. Also did a 5 minute paint job to the bead board.  We did a really late night swim out at the beach which felt amazing after being so dirty all day.  Then bed.  Finally. 

By 11:30 am Sunday the  kitchen wall was completely finished and the lower cabinet was in.  Worked on the plumbing, getting the counter cut and the sink in. 

Started on the 4th (and final) round of floor prep (glue primer) about 1pm.  That was down and ready pretty quick and it was onto laying the floor about 1:30.  It went down fast until we got to the fireplace side of the room which required a lot of cutting around that, the cabinets, and the final wall.

Laying floor

Almost done...

The floor was down around 4:30.  We started moving furniture back in and putting the cabinets back together.  We heard a storm was coming so we took the jet skis out for about 20 minutes.  Jumped in the deep end (felt amazing) and finally got to enjoy the lake for a bit.  Nice quick break before back to the cottage to finish up.

Look at that!!  We added about 1.5 inches with taking out the subfloor and with rearranging and the white ceiling it all looks so much more open!  


I am sooooo pleased with how it came out.  We busted our butts to get this done in just 9 days and I am still impressed and blown away with how great it looks.  I just keep thinking of this picture from late Friday night (7/9):

To go from that to the above in just 9 days is amazing.  From Friday (7/9) to Sunday (7/18) there were people working at the cottage 8 of the 10 days.  Matt & I may have done the coordinating and planning (and a lot of work) but there is no way we could have done it without so much help from his nephews, siblings, and in-laws.  I am beyond impressed with what we accomplished.  After 6 lake trips in 2 weeks, I am sooooo looking forward to going to the lake and actually relaxing.  It'll be nice to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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