Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It started with a new floor....

The family lake cottage needed work, everyone knew that.  We had a meeting to talk about projects and priority.  The redoing the floor was top priority.  Then it was decided something needed to be done about the ceiling since it's dark and just gross.  We had talked about a lot of different things but decided the front room was going to get done first.

Friday night Matt & I went up with some of his nephews to finish tearing down the ceiling and start on the new one.  It took a couple hours to get the ceiling down, the 1 billion nails out (I'm not exaggerating much), and clean things up (that was all me). 

10:30pm, taking a little break.

Finally starting drywall shortly after midnight, I swear Matt & I helped too

We had 2 sheets up by 1am and then Matt & I went out for a quick swim to rinse off all the grossness.  I highly recommend that.  There were millions of stars visible, it was so peaceful and calm with the few lights reflecting on the water...magical. =)

Saturday morning one of the nephews left to skydive but the three of us still managed to get 3 sheets up!  
Once again, I promise Matt & I helped too.

Took a jet ski break which was over when one caught on fire (not ours!).  Time to get back to work. We got the drywall all hung by 6:30 and the mudding started.  Still needs some mudding & sanding but it's all up.

Then...time to start the floor.  After pulling up part of one sheet of subfloor we made the executive decision to pull it all up and put the new vinyl floor right on the concrete.  That was a very good (but messy) decision.  There was a lot of termite damage.  

In the middle of tearing up the subfloor

Just part of the mess.  Imagine this, times 5.


Cottage the way we left it on Saturday night.  Subfloor was almost completely up (still under the kitchen cabinets) and ceiling is completely drywalled.

We put in a lot of work and made major progress.  Of course, once we started we came up with more projects.  Lots more work still needs done but we are getting there.

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