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Ahhhh...Miami.  If I were planning a vacation it wouldn't have been my first pick but since Matt was getting sent for a conference I figured I could tag along. =)  We had 3 days in South Beach together and then moved downtown for 3 days.  Really nice getaway together, especially considering how crappy the weather was while we were gone. =)

Wednesday, September 28
Flew out of Fort Wayne about 7:15 am.  We usually fly out of Indy (cheaper) so I forgot how convience FWA is.  From the time we pulled in the parking lot it was 17 minutes until we were parked, checked in, and through security.  I could get used to that. =)

Sunrise shortly after taking off from FWA

Had a layover in Atlanta.  It's a major hub but we had never been through there before.  Probably because we've always flown west, never south/east. 
Somewhere over Florida (maybe my favorite picture from the trip).
Flying over the Florida coastline
Landed in Miami a little after 1 and actually got our luggage and a cab pretty fast.  We got to our hotel about 1:30 and were actually able to check-in right away.  That was really really nice.  Wasn't looking forward to wasting time in South Beach in jeans (it was about 90).  Took a 2 hour nap (sooo nice after getting up at 4:30) and ventured out to find the beach and then supper.  Decided we were going to drink every night in South Beach because we could.  The beach was awesome.  Water was gorgeous, super clear, and very warm.  Ate supper at a little place on Ocean Drive.  Walked around, found the hotels I see in every picture of the area.  Great start to the trip

Walking down Ocean Drive
Thursday, September 29
Main activity for the day was the beach.  Spent a few hours there in the afternoon.  Hot hot hot but the water was so nice. 
Hanging out in the ocean (having a water proof camera is nice).
Did some shopping along Collins (Quiksilver store had been closed the night before) and hung around the hotel room.  Lazy day but we were on vacation!  Walked back down the beach to watch the sunset (as much as you can since it sets over the land). 

The part of Ocean Drive we always walked along

Watching the sunset on the beach
Trying to find somewhere for supper we got sucked into a "buy one get one free" drink special.  Didn't know that meant buy one huge drink for $25 and get the second free.  Yep.  Paid for that one.  Took an hour but we both finished.  Then back to the hotel.  =)

Friday, September 30
Last full day in South Beach before heading inland.  Intended to go for a bike ride first thing but as soon as we walked outside we realized it was raining.  Headed to the Lincoln Road mall instead (didn't buy anything besides lunch).  After 2 hours there we made a quick stop at the hotel and then rented bikes for an hour.  It was HOT.  Probably one of the hottest parts of our trip.   Road along Ocean Drive, the ocean (on the sand, kinda hard) and then a path between the ocean and the hotels on Collins.  Found the hotel we almost stayed at.  It was very hot and the ocean was sounding very good.

Palm trees on our bike ride

Our rented bikes
 Returned our bikes and then headed to the beach.  It was overcast by this point  (figures) but we still spent about 90 minutes there.  Water was still nice and warm.  Got a cheap supper and then stuck in the rain, started to downpour while we were there.  Waited it out for awhile and then made a run for the hotel.  Didn't realize it was less than a block away so we ended up running lost, through the rain, in South Beach.  Once in a lifetime opportunity we never meant to have. =)

Drank our "free" second drinks from the night before.  Not as big as the first ones but still strong!

Matt's was some kind of Mojito, mine was Sex on the Beach
Saturday, October 1
Wanted to make one last beach trip so we got up early (7:30) and walked down first thing in the morning.  Wore our suits and took towels but we didn't do anything more than wade.  Walked along the shore, taking pictures, and picking up coral.  Wasn't real hot yet.

Water looks so clean & refreshing here!
In our room in South Beach
Spent about an hour there and then back to the hotel to shower and finish packing.  That took less time than planned so sat around for awhile.  Checked out at 11 and took a cab downtown.  They were super nice at the Hyatt and let us check in 3.5 hours early.  Even got a free upgrade to a suite!  I thought for sure our hotel in South Beach would be bigger than downtown even though SB was half the price.  They turned out to be about the same size (although the fridge in SB was really really nice).

Room had a view of a draw bridge and the river
Hung around the hotel, unpacked, got Matt checked in for his conference.  Went to Mass and then met up with one of his coworkers who had just arrived for the conference and went to supper all together at the Hard Rock Cafe.  They have very yummy mac & cheese.  Matt & I went down to the pool for a bit when we got back.  Definitely a little chilly after the sun went down. =)  Early night because Matt had an early start on Sunday for his conference.

Sunday, October 2
My first day all by myself.  Slept in and then walked back down to the mall where the Hard Rock is.  Did some souviner shopping and ate lunch down there (pineapple pizza & a smoothie).  Got to spent some time with Matt over his lunch break.  When he went back to the conference I headed down to the pool for the afternoon.  It's rough spending 3 hours by the pool in the hot sun!  It was really super hot.  I was sweating just sitting there.  Took multiple breaks in the pool.  Got back to the room a little before Matt. 
Pretty apartment building - I liked the blue & green

For supper we headed back to South Beach to meet up with some of his coworkers staying down there.  Had another pricey meal on Ocean Drive and then somehow ended up with another round of $25  drinks...and this time I knew what I was getting into.

Drinks on Ocean Drive

My view during our drinks. =)
Monday, October 3
Day number 2 on my own.  I was a little lazier this time.  Did spend 30 minutes on a bike in the fitness center then met Matt over his lunch break.  Spent 2 hours at the pool afterwards, literally from the time Matt left for his classes until he got back.  Another hot day but I was finally getting some color! 

Walking down for supper, really miss the palm trees!
For our last supper in Miami we went back to the mall to the Bubba Gump.  We hadn't had any seafood on this trip and you can't go to the ocean and not have seafood.  Very yummy meal.  Walked around the beach a bit and back to the hotel in time to watch How I Met Your Mother and the Colts game.  Drank my last "free" drink and got our bags mostly packed.  Really wasn't ready to come home.  Really.  I don't think I've ever wanted to go home less.

Last night in Miami

Downtown Miami at night

Tuesday, October 4
Finally had to go home.  Matt had classes in the morning and I was all packed up and waiting for him when he got done.  He was back in the room for about 5 minutes and then we headed down to check out.  Good thing he cut out a little early because the elevator line to go up was realllly long!  Checked out, met up with his coworkers (sharing a cab) and then headed to the airport.  From the time we left our room until checked out, to the airport, checked in, and through security was only about 45 minutes.  No worse than home!  Had a few hours to kill before our flight.  Got supper and sat around.  Really sad to be leaving.

Waiting at the Miami airport
Only had about an hour layover in Atlanta this time.  Enough to find our gate, get food, and go to the bathroom.  I might be the only person who doesn't mind layovers (most of the time).  Sun was setting right as we were taking off which made for very nice views.  I took a lot of pictures of it!

Sunset at the Atlanta airport
Really quite sad to be leaving and for vacation to be over.  Had been looking forward to a possible Miami trip for a long time (over a year).  Really glad we got this nice little break together. =)

Sunset shortly after takeoff from Atlanta
Can't wait for our next adventure!

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