Monday, May 7, 2012

Tomorrow's the big day

Tomorrow is the big day, the day all potential adoptive parents seem to dread (at least how it seems from my readings): our home study visit.

I've been working on spring/home study cleaning the house for weeks.  Went through every drawer, cupboard, and closet in the house, starting in our closet and working through the house.  Last Thursday we spent 2 hours in the basement which was the last room (besides the garage but that's just hopeless until the jet skis are out).  Did a Goodwill drop on Friday and actually filled our trash bin for the first time in months (years?).

I know the basement could always need work, especially our box pile (which has gotten smaller!) of childhood/high school/college mementos.  I've come across some real...treasures down there.  Like my belly bag I got when I was 8 or so.  We all had them and all wore them on family vacations.  Best part...I didn't have to adjust the strap to get it to fit me last week.  Which means my waist is the same size as 15 years ago.  Yay me!

So anyways, home study visit tomorrow.  Did a little light cleaning tonight.  I'm leaving work at 1 (visit is at 3).  Just need to vacuum front room and sweep the kitchen (which seems to need it daily).  Last minute clutter pick up.  Then I think I'm ready.  Trying not to stress about it, the social worker made it seem like it's not a big deal.  We don't need to have the house childproofed (although we finally did get an outlet cover for the kitchen outlet that's been open since November) or baby ready.  Our first interview was so easy I am expecting this one to the same, just with the added pressure of having a perfect house.  And hopefully my car won't breakdown before this one. 

This is the last big step to be listed.  We've been talking a lot about our profile and drew up a rough outline/sketch last week.  Matt's started playing with the layout in Photoshop (skipped karate tonight to supposedly work on that but somehow he's napping instead...).  We've started pulling pictures for it.  Good news for most people - you get to be in it!  They recommend extended family pictures so we're putting one in for each family.  Hope to at least have a first draft of it to the social worker before we leave.  Let it sit while we're gone and then finished up as soon as we get back.  Then we should be listed.  Crazy!

As overwhelming as this all was when we started, it's actually been fairly easy.  It seems like there should be more.  Maybe I just have selective memory on what we had to do.  That's probably it.  I do remember a whole lot of paperwork.  Just so many things going on the past few months that's it's all a blur.

And finally, a picture, because every post is more exciting with a picture.

Say a prayer for us tomorrow!

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