Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So relieved

We made it!  Had our 2nd (and final) home study visit today and it went very well.  Was very easy.  She interviewed us really separately but we were both there for each other.  About our childhoods; families; relationship with parents, families, and in-laws; education; jobs; career goals; what values we want to instill in our child.  It was really hard to let Matt speak for himself.  I kept wanting to talk about his wonderful qualities.  Would have been much easier to do that for him than myself.  It was about 45 minutes each and then a walk through.  The walk through that I had been prepping for for weeks ended up taking...maybe 10 minutes.  Maybe.  Said we have a very cute house and was impressed with my hibiscus (I am impressed with them too, 2 are almost as tall as me!).  And even said we have a very clean basement.  Haha, really glad we spent extra time down there. 

We talked about how the process goes.  Went through the list of what we are willing to accept.  That sound so so horrible but there are all sorts of things that come up and you have to know what you can handle.  We felt really bad about saying no to some of the possibilities BUT this whole adoption thing is hard enough, we don't need to make it harder.  And we can always change our minds. 

Talked more about our profile.  Really need to get working on that.  Having this visit out of the way will help free up some time.  She said she's already on page 4 of our report and is anxious to get it done and get us listed.  She said there has been an influx of birth moms calling lately, 4 new ones in the last few weeks so hopefully that trend continues.  Things are looking good.  Just so so relieved that it is done.  To celebrate we redeemed one of our Groupons to Yum-Mee's for cupcakes. 

Now to concentrate on the profile, rehabbing my foot (today might be the best it's felt since before surgery), and getting ready for the trip (started laying out clothes!). 

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