Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paperwork is in

That's it.  Matt dropped off our paperwork today.  Here's what is in that stack of 89 pages:

1) fees and refund policy - signed
2) agency application (1 page, front and back)
3) agency adoption program agreement and informed consent (signed & notarized)
4) self-referred adoption services agreement and informed consent (signed & notarized)
5) client handbook - signed
6) autobiography/social history - paper written by each of us, mine is 17 pages, Matt's is 12
7) family information guide - 4 pages front & back, filled out by each of us, information about our parents, siblings, our upbringing (a lot of this was also covered in the autobiography)
8) financial statement - 1 page front & back
9) credit history report & credit score for each
10) employment verification for each (signed by our bosses)
11) proof of life insurance for each
12) proof of car insurance for each
13) discipline policy - signed (saying we won't beat or torture a child)
14) family emergency contact sheet
15) adoptive applicant home diagram and weapon/firearm notification - signed
16) information on placing agency/attorney (just giving them their own contact info because we don't need an attorney yet)
17) resource/guardian information sheet - naming who will care for the child if something happens to us
18) domestic placement adoptive parent training - course certificates for our 4 classes: Conspicuous Families, Let's Talk Adoption, The Journey of Attachment, and Finding the Missing Pieces
19) copy of family photo
20) copy of driver's licenses
21) copy of birth certificates
22) copy of marriage certificate
23) copy of 2011 federal tax return
24) proof of medical insurance for both
25) criminal history release - letting them check us on the National Sex Offender Registry
26) Onesource applicant disclosure and authorization form - background check clearances
27) Indiana request for a CPS history check for each

Already sent in/done by others:
28) Pastor's endorsement (the first thing returned)
29) references (7)
30) confidential health report for each - sent from doctor's office
31) fingerprinting results

Now we wait for them to process all the background checks.  Once they have everything we will set up the home study visits.  We're getting closer...

Oh and we had 60 days to get everything back in, done in 40.  Yay!


Erin Sherburne said...

it is because of your awesome organization skills that got you done 20 days early!

Ann Gibson said...

WOW...nice job, that is a lot of paperwork!

diana said...

Haha, yep. Being mostly confined to the couch for a few weeks helped too.

diana said...

I was expecting it to be much more so this seemed fairly reasonable!