Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things I like - May

1. Luke's smiles

I mean, really, this speaks for itself.  He smiley when I get him up in the morning.  He'll smile when I talk to him across the room.  He smiles a lot.  It's pretty much the best thing ever.

2.  The drive-in

We like the drive-in and get really excited when it opens again in the spring.  (I was really excited when I saw they opened in April but we were in NYC that weekend.  We decided we'd go the next weekend, definitely.  Then the one thing happened that could change those plans.)  We've only been once this year (last year we were 4 times by Memorial Day) but it still one of our favorite summer things.  It's cheaper than going to a theater ($7 each for 2 movies!), it's comfortable (we wear sweats and take blankets), you can take your own food (we usually take supper but buy popcorn & a Mountain Dew).  If you've never gone you are missing out.  Really. 

We are partial to Auburn-Garrett but have been to 3 other ones in the area too.  We've just been to Auburn-Garrett a lot more and now have babysitters nice and close. =)

3. Fotor.com

I just found this today when I was looking for an easy way to make a collage.  And this is exactly what I was hoping to find.  It's easy, no registration needed, lots of options, and it's quick to use.  I've made collages in Photoshop before but that's a lot more time consuming.  I use the PicStitch app on my phone but sometimes I want to do one quick with camera pictures for Facebook or here.  This is the perfect solution.

4. The Office

I've mentioned many of my favorite shows here but somehow The Office never made the list.  With the series finale 2 weeks ago I figured it was about time I corrected that.  Matt got me to start watching The Office the summer we got married which was right after season 2 had aired.  I got hooked.  With it finale-ing (it's a word) weeks after we got Luke, it was a part of our whole marriage-pre-baby lives.  So maybe the romance of Jim & Pam is what hooked me but there were a lot of enjoyable moments regardless.  I may have teared up during the finale.  Maybe.  I won't admit to anything. 

I think, most people, by now have watched at least some episode of it so there isn't much point to me describing it or why it was good.  It just was.

5. Sno-cones

My love of sno-cones dates back to the summer I graduated high school when my friend and I would get them often.  We got each other sno-cone machines that year for our birthdays.  The first weekend Matt came to see me at college we made sno-cones.  We went and got sno-cones together on a lunch break at Judes before we were officially dating.  Then a few years ago it became my thing.  Our office always closed at 1 on Fridays in the summer.  I'd run errands and then come home and walk down for a sno-cone.  Every Friday, rain or shine.   I only go on weekends in the summer (Memorial Day - Labor Day).  I always get the same flavor, Tropical Breeze, and it tastes like summer.  It never really feels like summer has started until I get that first sno-cone. 

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Lauren said...

Luke sure does have some good smiles!!! Also I may have teared up during the office finale too, so no shame ;-)