Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dollar Decorating: Dot Art

This was a really easy project that even someone with none-little artistic ability could do and still feel arty by the end.  There are many different variations of this project all over Pinterest (Side note: Why does saying something is a "Pinterest project" have such a negative connotation or have to be an insult?) and I looked at many different ones to figure out "how to do it" when really there is no real method or figuring out to be done.

Supplies needed:
-acrylic paint
-foam pouncers (I found in the paint aisle at Hobby Lobby for $4)
-a canvas
-something to squirt paint into (I used the lid from a jar of applesauce)
-probably something to cover whatever surface you have the canvas on (I used waxed paper)

I started with my darkest blue and worked through my colors one by one.  I let the canvas and pouncers dry between each color, about 2 hours.  Once I used all 6 colors I went back and added more of the first colors so they wouldn't all be buried. 
showing layer by layer

I was able to knock out most of these in one day since it only took about 5 minutes + 2 hours of drying for each color.  I gave the last color about an hour to dry before displaying it.  I wanted some more color & height on top of this bookshelf (one of my few "out of Luke's reach" surfaces).
I still want to add some color to the Luke end of the shelf but haven't figured out how yet. 

This project, from start to finish, was about 36 hours which makes it all the more ridiculous that I put it off for weeks after buying the supplies (that seems to be how projects work around here).  I must have just been in a project mood because I was working on this the same week as the curtain and cupboard painting.

Total cost was about $8 for the canvas and pouncers.  I think I bought another two paints for about $0.75 each which kept my total under $10.  I mostly used colors I already had so cost would increase slightly depending on how many needed to be purchased.  An easy project that added color where I wanted it and made me feel like an artist.

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