Friday, June 6, 2014

A Day in the Life: 7 month update #2 (Luke 15 months)

About 7 months ago I kept a fairly detailed account of how we spent our day.  It was a good way to see where the time went as well as a diary of sorts of what our schedule was like at that point in our lives (Luke was napping 3 times a day!!).  Our schedule has changed quite a bit; Luke's grown and can do so much more than almost 7 months ago! Here is how Tuesday, June 3rd went for us.  It was a rare day mostly home alone after more than 2 weeks of crazy!

7:20  I got up with Matt to help him get out the door to work.
7:30  Matt left, I decided I needed to go through my books, right then, to see if I had any more to get rid of.
7:50 went to the basement to work out
8:30 I finished working out, went upstairs to get Luke changed and dressed for the day.  Put away his laundry I had folded the night before
8:45 breakfast for Luke and I.  We both had cereal.  I used a spoon to eat mine.  Luke held his spoon in his right hand while stuffing soggy cereal in his mouth with his left.  We are working on the spoon thing.  While Luke finished breakfast (both from his bowl and picking up the cereal on the floor once I got him out of his seat) I changed out of my workout clothes and got around. (No shower because we don't have one!)
9:30 I went through a cookbook I planned to sell to write down the two recipes I actually make from it.  Went through books leftover from garage sale and pulled price stickers off them.  Luke played nearby with the price stickers or tried to climb in my lap to get my water bottle while I copied recipes.
10:00 Snack time for both of us.  Luke really enjoyed it.  I loaded up the car with 2 boxes of books, a sale, and a return to send back for Matt.
10:30 Ran errands - post office which included filling out customs form for Matt's return, St. Vincent de Paul to donate some extra Bibles and religious books (they take rosaries and other religious things, just FYI, handy to know!), and then Half Priced Books to sell.  Luckily Luke was pretty happy playing with a tape measure from my purse at the post office and we didn't have a long wait at Half Priced Books.  We browsed the kid books while waiting and bought one (which may have been for me although I hope Luke appreciates Harry Potter some day!)
11:50 Home, ate lunch.  I had peanut butter crackers (which is incredibly boring but quick and easy) and Luke had some cheese & cold meat.  We shared an orange.  His eating habits have been all over the place lately.  Everything he used to love he is pretty indifferent about (like cheese).  The only thing that has stayed pretty consistent is his love of fruit & sugar.
12:20 Luke goes down for a nap.  He was exhausted.  I finished eating my lunch, ate a truffle (one of these), and cleaned up the kitchen.
12:45 I finished watching Mistresses from the night before (had started while folding laundry) and read some in my current book (Mastering the Art of French Eating).
1:30 I go on my computer for a bit to write some for this blog (this bathroom post), clean up some e-mails I can't take care of easily from my phone, and maybe waste some time on blog reading.  Maybe.  I love nap time.
2:45 Luke is up.  Change him and start diapers in the washer.
3:00 I decide we need to go to the grocery today since it's supposed to rain all day the next day and we are getting low of food.  I menu plan & make a grocery list between playing with Luke.  I show him how to put cheerios in an empty gatorade bottle.  He does it until he decides it's more fun just to shake the cheerios all over the carpet and then eat them.  Also move most of the diapers outside to dry in the sun.
4:15 We do our major grocery run for the month at Aldi and then a quick Target stop for a return and a few food items.
5:30 Back home, I give Luke a snack (since we actually have snack foods now) while I unpack the groceries.
6:00 Matt had stopped at Lowes and just gets home.  We are at Lowes a lot for the bathroom.  This time was mainly to pick up the shower accent tile I had ordered there the night before (and they only had enough in stock at the Lowes near his work).  We talk, he changes clothes, etc.
6:30 Supper.  Leftovers & hot dogs.  We eat so healthy but all that grocery shopping kinda wore me out...  Plus Matt is starving and isn't patient enough for real food.
6:45 Matt gives Luke a wash cloth wipe down while I clean up supper and make some simple syrup for iced tea 
7:15 I put Luke down to bed which means Luke and I fall asleep in his rocking chair.
8:30 I am back downstairs and check in with Matt's bathroom progress (he's prepping for the tub).  I go outside to trim some bushes and spin my flag a little (random).  I've decided evenings after Luke is in bed is really the best time for me to do the massive amount of yard work that needs done since I don't have Luke to keep track of in the yard and it's cooler.  Plus I can't just sit around when Matt's working on the bathroom all night.  I bring in the diapers and throw them in the dryer for 15 minutes to soften them. 
9:15 I do supper dishes and help Matt with some bathroom work.  Fold all the dry diapers (just one needs to dry a little more). 
9:45 I go to my sister's to shower (thanks, E!)
10:10 Back home, work on blog on my computer.  Try not to fall asleep.  Clean up various little house things.
11:30 I help Matt with more bathroom stuff.
Midnight Get Matt's shower stuff around and he goes to shower at his parents.  I collaspe in bed and barely notice when Matt joins me 20 minutes later.

This bathroom project changes up our schedule but really just the evening part.  I love that Luke's one nap a day has really freed up our mornings.  I used to work out during his first nap and we generally weren't around until 10 or 11 which means the mornings were shot.  Now, if I workout, it's before Luke is up which really frees up the rest of the day.  It makes it a lot easier to schedule playdates or just run errands when his nap time is more set.  I was dreading the switch to one nap but have actually loved the freedom that comes with it.  Now we just need to work on Matt & I getting to bed much much much earlier.  We were better about that before Matt was putting in about 5 hours of bathroom work a night....


Lauren said...

I already was experienced in the joy of one nap so I am SOOOOO happy we finally made it too with Walden! Morning funtime! And I totally mowed the backyard and trimmed up some trees last night after the kids went to bed. It was beautiful out!

diana said...

Yeah, I thought one nap would be horrible but it's so much better!! I would have tried earlier if I knew how much I liked it!!